Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Leafs Trade/Blades Defenceman is signed by an NHL Team

The Leafs have acquired Wayne Primeau from Calgary as well as Calgary's 2nd round pick in the 2011 draft in exchange for Colin Stuart, Anton Stralman and Toronto's 7th round pick in 2012. This deal kind of makes sense but it has not really sunk in yet. The player that the Leafs got has played in the NHL and I am sure that Stuart and Stralman have as well,but the Leafs are just adding toughness,grit and sandpaper to the lineup,they are going to need to add talented forwards who can score,that may be next though. I will say that I like this deal for now,but I will wait until the season starts and I actually see the Leafs,then I will say more about it then. Good deal for now.

Blades News:

Sam Klassen has been attracting NHL attention and now he has been signed by the New York Rangers....good for him . I guess this cuts him out of the Blades 20 year old plans so I think the Blades are down to just 3 realistic possibilities for 20 year old players. His deal is a 3 year entry level contract. old news......... surprisingly Burke Gallimore did not get drafted but he was offered a tryout with the Buffalo Sabres.

Both the Leafs and Blades websites have the full press releases & details about both of these stories.

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