Monday, August 31, 2009

Yesterday......Blades Reassign 3 players

So I was working hard yesterday as I do every Sunday,I work at a grocery store(that explains why) A member of the Blades Booster club comes through the checkout and he is always sporting the same Blades hat when I see him,so I said hello to him and I had to refresh his memory because he did not recognize me so I told him... So we started talking about the Blades because he helps run the Blades Booster Club so he told me that there is a road trip to Alberta that is going to be popular this season...I can not remember the specifics of it but he said we will see both NHL Arenas in Edmonton and Calgary,I think that there is one NHL game and the other is a WHL game,I think there was something other games snuck in there too...I can not really remember and the price was affordable,so it should not break your bank acount. It was nice to talk hockey for the couple minutes that we did.

I am hoping to go on a couple of Booster Club Roadtrips,they are so much fun!!!! The players do really enjoy the fan support that the Booster Club and Blades fans bring to the Road games when the Booster Club travels along side the team. I know that the Blades are one of the WHL teams that are fortunate enough to have a Booster Club because not every team in the Dub has a Booster Club. I am sure glad that the Blades have one.

A little peice of training camp info for those interested.....

The Blades have reassigned 3 players: Brett Stovin(15) Stefan Burzan(15) and Tyler Oswald(16).... What?!?!?!?! ahh there my hopes are crushed for seeing him make the team in his first year of moves on. The Blades now have thirty two players left in camp... 17 forwards-12 Defencemen-3 goaltenders. 5 overagers(Kytnar,Klassen,Hulak,Langkow,and Wintoneak) and 1 fifteen year old rookie (Olsen) remain in training camp.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rematch Game #2 In Aberdeen.....

The Blades dressed a simular line-up to Thursday's one..some of the changes I hear of are: Matthew Krahn was in goal(not sure if it was the entire game or not) Travis Toomey also was dressed as well as Teigan Zahn. The Blades had a 3-1 lead going into the 2nd period. The shots were 59-17 in favor of the Blades. The final score was: Blades 6 Raiders 2. With this win the Blades won both of their exibition games against their rivals from the north. The three stars were:1st star Duncan Seimens, 2nd star Tyler Matheson,3rd star was Daniel Dale of the Raiders.

The Blades are 2-0 in Exhibition play so far and they will take on the Medicine Hat Tigers on September 5th at the same Aberdeen Rec Plex. Now to talk about some of the Blades players....I am very glad that Duncan Seimens and Brent Benson are now old enough to play for the Blades because they are obviously good players and I think that Tyler Matheson will make the team based on his early performance... I think he is certainly making a case for the Blades to keep him around. The Blades and Adam Morrison will have to be ready because I think that there is going to be a battle for the back-up goalie spot Chris Sharkey,Tyler Oswald and Matthew Krahn all seem like they could handle being a back-up goalie in the WHL. I am really looking forward to this season... Oh wait have I said that before? Of course I have, but I am really looking forward to this season now. I hope to see the game on Sept 5th. If not then I will be at the game on the 11th because I think it is at the CUC.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Blades Sign 3 players...

The Saskatoon Blades have signed Brett Stovin,Stefan Burzan and Tyler Oswald to Standard WHL Player Agreements,after watching these 3 players I am excited that they are now signed. Imagine if Tyler Oswald earned the back-up goaltender spot.... I can just hear the chants OZZY OZZY OZZY... haha

I was hoping that I would be able to make it up to Aberdeen to catch the Blades/Raiders rematch tomorrow night but work has sort shown it's ugly side and prevented that from happening and also relying on a ride does not make things any better.... anyway I guess I will just have to listen to the Raider broadcast of the game then....

Mission Accomplished!!!!

The Blades went into the Art Hauser Centre,went to work and came out on top by a score of 5-1. The game was close until the 3rd period and then the Blades turned it up a notch and put the game out of reach.

Chris Sharkey played the 1st period and half of the 2nd and only let in 1 goal that I think deflected off of a Blade defender,so I do not think that I would blame him for that. Tyler Oswald played the remainder of the game and played shutout hockey allowing 0 goals.

If I remember correctly the Raiders had 25 shots on goal and the Blades had 46 shots on goal. The Blades 1st rounder in 08 Brent Benson had 2 goals and the other 1st rounder in 08 Duncan Seimens scored on a penalty shot and had an assist on Tyler Matheson's goal. Another Blades rookie Tyler Matheson scored the 1st goal for the Blades and to be honest I did not think that he was going to score in the game....

I know I will not do that anymore because just because you look like a big bruising player does not mean that you can not score goals as Matheson proved in this game. I hope that he makes the team,he looks like a decent player.

Charles Inglis...what is there not to say about him? Everything he does is someway or another effecting the play on the ice....his work ethic is second to none and it seems like there is no on-off swich or shut off button on him he just goes all the time,and the good thing is that he is only 17 years old.

It is very good to see that the guys all are excited for the season. The Blades only had 5 veterans dressed in this game and I also thought that the rookies played well and did not look very out of place. There were some situations that could have had a better result but these guys are still learning and improving every practice and every game.

This is one game to build off of for saturday's rematch in Aberdeen.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Blades Gameday........

I know it is only a pre season game but any chance that I am able to see a hockey game is exciting and seeing a road game is EVEN BETTER!!!! Myself and a friend(who also has a blog, it is titled Eric's Blog and it is the last one on the blog list at the side of the page) are making the trip to hockeytown north this afternoon to go and see the Blades and Raiders rookies battle. This will be the first time that I have seen a WHL game in PA.

I will be able to see for the first time the Blades new European Hampus Gustafsson, As well as Brent Benson, Duncan Seimens and other Blades prospects that hope to earn a spot on this years edition of the Saskatoon Blades,the line up for tonights game is on the Blades website.It should be a good game and I am sure that all of the new players will know or already do know about the Saskatoon/Prince Albert rivalry.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


One thing on many Blades fans minds I am sure was: when will Derek Hulak recieve an invite to an NHL Training Camp? Well the anwer is this season...he will leave along with teamates Milan Kytnar and Burke Gallimore to Edmonton Oilers Rookie Camp on September 6th.

Now the danger with this is that if Hulak impresses the Oilers coaching staff enough,he could earn a spot on the AHL's Springfield Falcons (which is the Oilers farm team.) That would take away another 20 year old from the Blades after the possibility of loosing Sam Klassen to the Hartford Wolfpack.

The Blades and Oilers website have the press releases on their websites. Congratulations guys!!!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Final Day of Blades Camp....Blue VS White game.

Blades training camp has come to a close,but there are still more then enough players on the roster....some of the guys that were cut I kind of had hoped that they would have made the cut but life moves on.

Taken from the Blades website

19 Forwards-13 Defencemen-4Goalies=36 Total Players.

The following players were cut/reassigned
G Adam Iwan
G Tyler Santos
G Adam Todd
D Devin Fafard
D Josh Middleton
D Connor Sisson
D Michael Statchuk
D Brandon Tkachuk
F Dustin Bruyere
F J.J Coleshaw
F Trey Daelick
F Emmit Hayes
F Dylan Johner
F Rhys Kingston
F Damien Kulynych
F Graham McBain
F Hudson Morrison
F Tyler Morwick
F Jesse Mychan
F Brodyn Nielson
F Steven Phee
F Dayton Picard
F Nick Plesa
F Matthew Plesa
F Jonathon Robinson

Team Blue lost to Team White by a score of 5-3.

Now if you know where to look you will find out who made the team to this point.

The Blades play an exibition game in Prince Albert this Thursday and I might just have to go on a roadtrip!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Training Camp Recap Day #3

Again taken from the Blades website:

Roster cuts: Forward Ryan Kallis and Defencemen Cole Rowlett and Nicholas Bruyere
leaving 62 players left in camp- 38 Fowards 17 Defencemen 7 Goalies

Injuries: Brendan Wall on the shelf again and Jyri Neimi is out day to day with a lower body injury.

Semi Final Scrimmage Blue Defeated White 9-5. The goal scorers for blue were Tyler Yaworski(2) Stefan Elliott, Hampus Gustafsson,Graham McBain,Curtis Hamilton,Damien Kulynynch,Turner Lawson,Brett Stovin.

The goal scorers for team White were Milan Kytnar(2),Teigan Zahn,Derek Hulak,Trey Daelick

Goaltenders for team Blue Adam Morrison 21 saves on 22 shots, and Adam Todd made 18 saves on 22 shots. Team White goalies were: Tyler Oswald made 27 saves on 29 shots and Tyler Santos made 15 saves on 22 shots.

In the Final team Grey defeated team blue by a score of 5-2
The goal scorers for Grey were Burke Galimore(2) Tyler Matheson,Teigan Zahn (who filled in for Jyri Neimi) Gaelan Patterson.

The goal scorers for Blue were: Brett Stovin and Jamie Crooks.

The goalies for team Grey were: Matthew Krahn who made 14 saves on 14 shots, Adam Iwan made 18 saves on 19 shots and Chris Sharkey made 16 saves on 17 shots.

The goalies for team Blue were Adam Morrison who made 17 saves on 21 shots and Adam Todd made 17 saves on 18 shots.

Training Camp wraps up tomorrow with the Blue VS White Intrasqaud game from 3:00pm-6:00pm.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Training Camp Recap Day #2

Again taken from the Blades website:

1 cut has been made. 65 players- 39 forwards-19 defencemen-7 goalies.

Brendan Wall is still injured and on the shelf.

In the first scrimmage team Blue defeated team Grey in the extra period 7-6. The goal scorers for Blue were: Jamie Crooks(2) Curtis Hamilton,Brett Stovin,Brandon Tkachuk.,Graham McBain,and Charles Inglis scored the final goal for team Blue.

Goal scorers for team Grey: Gaelan Patterson(2),Michael Statchuk,Josh Nicholls,Jonathon Robinson and newcomer Matthew Plesa.

Goalies for team Blue: Adam Morrison 19 saves on 22 shots, Adam Todd 7 saves on 10 shots

Goalies for team Grey: Adam Iwan 7 saves on 8 shots, Chris Sharkey 7 saves on 8 shots and Matthew Krahn 14 saves on 19 shots.

In the 2nd scrimmage team White doubled up on team Blue 10-5.

The goal scorers for team White were: Derek Hulak(2) Travis Toomey(2) Milan Kytnar(2) newcomer Jordan Kancsel,Jesse Mychan,Woody Klassen and Stefan Burzan

The goal scorers for team Blue were: Hampus Gustafsson(2) Jamie Crooks, Curtis Hamilton and Walker Wintoneak.

Goaltenders for team White were: Tyler Santos 15 saves on 18 shots, Tyler Oswald 18 saves on 20 shots.

Goaltenders for team Blue were: Adam Todd 18 saves on 25 shots, Adam Morrison 10 saves on 13 shots.

Saturday Training Camp Schedule
8:00-9:15 1st place team practice
9:30-11:30 2nd place team VS 3rd place team
4:30-6:30 Final

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Training Camp Recap Day #1

Taken from the Blades website:

66 players are still in camp: 40 fowards-19 defencemen-7 goaltenders.

Injuries from the 1st day of camp Chris Langkow-hip day to day and Brendan Wall-groin day to day.

In the first scrimage team Grey defeated team White by a score of 4-3. Leading the way for team Grey was Burke Gallimore with 2 goals,newcomer Nick Plesa scored once and Jyri Neimi also scored a goal for team Grey.

Scoring for team White was Derek Hulak with 2 goals and Jesse Mychan scoring the other.

Team Grey had 3 goalies: Chris Sharkey:6 shots and 6 saves Matthew Krahn 8 saves on 8 shots. and Adam Iwan 7 saves on 10 shots.

Team White went with 2 Tyler's in goal. Tyler Oswald made 19 saves on 21 shots and Tyler Santos made 12 saves on 14 shots.

Tomorrow's schedule is:
9:00 -10:15 Team White Practice
10:30-12:30 Team Blue VS Team Grey
4:00-5:15 Team Grey Practice
5:30-7:30 Team Blue VS Team White

Former Blades tough guy Mike Reich goes to university.

After a WHL players career in Junior is done many players choose to take advantage of the education package that the WHL has created,every year that a player plays in the WHL earns him the same amount of years to attend a University of their choice and he picked St. Thomas University but he did get a taste of pro hockey before deciding to hit the books,he finished off the season with the Florida Everblades of the East Coast Hockey League. The full story can be read at

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Saskatoon Blades Training Camp has started!!!!!!!!

Yes another hockey season is about to start and hockey players all over the Western Hockey League will be looking to earn a spot on 22 WHL rosters. In preparation for the 2010 World Juniors the Credit Union Centre has been madeover. This year 66 players have been invited to this years training camp and although the players born in 1994 will not be able to play a full season until 2010-2011, they can still play up to 5 games until their current team's season is complete. It will be interesting to see who makes the Blades roster this year.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

7 more days!!!!!!!!!!!

That is right only 7 more days until the 2009-2010 Training Camp opens for the Blades...there are also some good stories at talking about the 20 year old situation,rookies,import situation,and a schedule of what this years training camp will look like and they also have a reveiw of last season on the website as well.

The Blades will play 4 preseason games...two in Aberdeen and one in Prince Albert... Aug 27th is the game in PA against the Raiders and on the 29th the Blades and Raiders will hook up again in Aberdeen and then the Medicine Hat Tigers will play the Blades in Aberdeen on Sept 5th. The Blades and Raiders will hook up once more in preseason action on Sept 11th at the Credit Union Centre. The Blades will then travel to the queen city for a game agaist the Regina Pats on Sept 12th..... I would like to see the game in PA because I have already seen a good amount of games in the Brandt Centre.

Aberdeen has a nice rink I usually go there to watch my 12 year old brother play hockey and it is a good facility for that town.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Saskatoon Blades 09-10 Home Schedule....

I could not wait unitl the entire Blades schedule was put on the Blades website so here are the home games only for now.....

Friday September 18, 2009 Regina @ Saskatoon 7:05

Friday September 25, 2009 Edmonton @ Saskatoon 7:05

Wednesday October 7, 2009 Kootenay @ Saskatoon 7:05

Wednesday October 21, 2009 Regina @ Saskatoon 7:05

Saturday October 24, 2009 Kamloops @ Saskatoon 7:05

Tuesday October 27, 2009 Medicine Hat @ Saskatoon 7:05

Friday October 30, 2009 Edmonton @ Saskatoon 7:05

Tuesday November 3, 2009 Moose Jaw @ Saskatoon 7:05

Wednesday November 4, 2009 Swift Current @ Saskatoon 7:05

Saturday November 7, 2009 Prince Albert @ Saskatoon 7:05

Saturday November 14, 2009 Prince George @ Saskatoon 7:05

Friday November 27, 2009 Lethbridge @ Saskatoon 7:05

Saturday November 28, 2009 Calgary @ Saskatoon 7:05

Wednesday December 9, 2009 Brandon @ Saskatoon 7:05

Saturday December 12, 2009 Red Deer @ Saskatoon 7:05

Wednesday December 16, 2009 Kelowna @ Saskatoon 7:05

Saturday December 19, 2009 Prince Albert @ Saskatoon 7:05

Saturday January 9, 2010 Lethbridge @ Saskatoon 7:05

Tuesday January 12, 2010 Swift Current @ Saskatoon 7:05

Wednesday January 13, 2010 Calgary @ Saskatoon 7:05

Saturday January 16, 2010 Medicine Hat @ Saskatoon 7:05

Friday January 22, 2010 Kootenay @ Saskatoon 7:05

Saturday January 23, 2010 Brandon @ Saskatoon 7:05

Wednesday January 27, 2010 Moose Jaw @ Saskatoon 7:05

Friday January 29, 2010 Swift Current @ Saskatoon 7:05

Saturday February 6, 2010 Brandon @ Saskatoon 7:05

Wednesday February 10, 2010 Swift Current @ Saskatoon 7:05

Wednesday February 17, 2010 Red Deer @ Saskatoon 7:05

Friday February 19, 2010 Vancouver @ Saskatoon 7:05

Saturday February 20, 2010 Brandon @ Saskatoon 7:05

Tuesday February 23, 2010 Chilliwack @ Saskatoon 7:05

Friday February 26, 2010 Prince Albert @ Saskatoon 7:05

Saturday February 27, 2010 Regina @ Saskatoon 7:05

Tuesday March 9, 2010 Moose Jaw @ Saskatoon 7:05

Wednesday March 10, 2010 Regina @ Saskatoon 7:05

Friday March 12, 2010 Prince Albert @ Saskatoon 7:05

Monday, August 10, 2009

Justin Pogge no longer a Maple Leaf..... Leafs sign goalie......

I was reading the sports page today at work and I saw that Pogge may be on the move and the team that was mentioned was the Ducks and that is exactly where he was traded. The Leafs will recieve a conditional draft pick in 2011. So one goalie exits the picture and another one arrives....that being Joey McDonald who last played with the New York Islanders.... I think the Leafs should be done signing goaltenders for now and focus on talented forwards.


Friday, August 7, 2009

Excited about the 2010 World Juniors??

I SURE AM...... with the development camp and other things going on in the city hockey wise,how can a hockey fan not be excited about this? The chance to make it 6 striaght is another reason to like it, and I know the actual event is still about 5 months away but that does not mean that one can not be excited just to see the interviews and the video clips of alot of things taking place here is awesome.

Monday, August 3, 2009

It is almost hockey season again...

I am very excited for the season to start again and hopefully that will include some trips to watch Blades road game every now and then....road games are the best....because you are able to see other arenas around the league and travel like the team does....and also meet other hockey fans!!!! This is the part that I like the most.

Hockey World Junior style is about to get started in a couple of days and in a couple of weeks the WHL will open training camps all over. I am excited because there are spots to be won on this Blades team by younger players...I think the Blades should have a pretty decent team again.