Saturday, January 29, 2011

Blades Sweep Broncos.

The Blades continue their winning ways as they win another road game in Swift Current tonight. 3-1 was the final score. Brayden Schenn had 2 points (1 goal and 1 assist) He was also the 2nd star.
The Blades will return home for 3 home games next week. Tuesday VS Red Deer, Wednesday VS Regina and Saturday VS Lethbridge.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Blades Defeat Broncos.

Saskatoon came out stars a shooting,as they developed a lead as large of 5-0 over the visiting Broncos.

There were 4 fights in this game 3 of which were good ones. The Sutter/Derko fight was ok but it looked like the Bronco player had turned a bit. I was sitting in the 2nd deck so that is where I saw it from.

It was kind of weird to see two European players chuck the knuckles but it happened. Stransky VS Nedomlel.

The Broncos scored 3 goals to try and make a game of it but it was too little too late.

6-3 was the final for the Blades. Attendance was ok.

Sadly it does not look like I will be making the trip to Swift Current tomorrow like I had originally planned.

I was able to wear my blue Schenn jersey that I had ordered last game.... Oh oh I gave away my identity. Now people will know who I am. Hehe

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blades Sweep Alberta

The Blades closed out their 2 game trip with a win 4-3. The Blades had a 2-0 lead but Edmonton hung in their and very well could have taken this game away.

Saskatoon continues to battle in the standings with Red Deer. They defeated the Lethbridge Hurricanes. 10-2.

The Blades now play Swift Current in a home and home this weekend. I hope to be able to make the trip up to Swift Current on Saturday.

Another NHL Pre Season Game At The CUC.

I am not too sure if I will go.... I hope one Check Spellingday the Maple Leafs will play here. That I would go see.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blades Double Up On The Hitmen.

It looked like the Blades controlled the game going up 6-1 after 2 periods. They were two much for the Hitmen to handle, Schenn now has 3 points in 2 games so far.

The final score was 8-4 for the Blades. Saskatoon will now travel to Edmonton to face the Oil Kings tomorrow night and luckily I will be able to listen to this game on 92.9 The Bull.

Lorne Molleken has 499 career wins as a WHL Coach and is now 1 more away from 500!!!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Blades Defeat Hitmen Schenn's Debut!!!!

Tonight was Brayden Schenn's Blades debut and there was all kinds of focus on that. The Blades played a weak 1st period allowing the Hitmen to score 1st.

The Blades controlled the game from that point on. The Hitmen played well in the 1st period.

Adding Brayden Schenn now adds depth and two good lines.

I think that once Brayden plays a few more games we may see the point totals for the 1st line go up but if not that is ok too. It never hurts to have a deep team and not have the pressure focused on one player or line.

The final score was 5-1 for the Blades.

It is such a pleasure to watch Schenn play. Saskatoon gets what Brandon had for 3 years. 1 game and I am already enjoying it.

That being said I am having Schenn's name put on the back of my jersey. I have only seen 1 other person do it so far.

Saskatoon will travel to Calgary and play the Hitmen on Tuesday and then play in Edmonton against the Oil Kings on Wednesday.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Brayden Schenn Photo

Here it is Brayden Schenn's 1st picture in a Blades uniform:

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Blades Lose To Broncos

After Steven Stanford was given the start last night, Adam Morrison started tonight. The Broncos took a lead and never looked back.

In the 2nd period Teigan Zahn was hit(I think after the whistle) by Jordan Peddle and Zahn did not like it too much. So those two chucked some knuckles.

The score was 3-1 going into the 3rd period when Darian Dziurzynski potted his 22nd goal of the season. I missed all but 5 minutes or so of the 3rd because I was in line to get Brayden Schenn's autograph. That was my highlight of the night.

The broncos win 3-2. The Blades get a much needed week off. So Dalton Thrower and Brayden Schenn should be in the line-up next Saturday at home against the Calgary Hitmen.

Hopefully Schenn does not have writers cramp from signing so many autographs haha.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Blades Defeat Broncos.

The Blades jumped out to a early lead and developed a 3-0 lead through 2 periods. The Blades sat back and let the Broncos score 2 goals and make the score 3-2. That was as close as the home team Broncos would get.

Teigan Zahn fought Christian Magnus and Zahn's jersey was torn so he wore #55 for the remainder of the game.

5-2 was the score for the visiting Blades. The Rematch goes tomorrow night at the CUC, where Brayden Schenn will be signing autographs.

Darren Dietz's goal VS Prince Albert was #4 in the WHL plays of the week. Watch it on the WHL website.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Blades Lose In Regina

Saskatoon out shot the Pats tonight 62-32. Regina's goalie Matt Hewitt stood on his head.

The Blades were trailing 3-2 but then tied up the game. The Blades lost 4-3 in a shoot out. Saskatoon is still 7 points up on the Kootenay Ice.

Lukas Sutter had himself a 2 point night.

Saskatoon will visit Swift Current on Friday night.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Schenn-Sational Shoot-out win!!!!!

Brayden Schenn was in the building tonight and the crowd knew that. Ok on to the game. The Blades jumped out to a 4-1 lead in the second period but the Wheaties battled back and scored 3 goals in the 3rd and almost won the game with a 4th.

There was 2 tilts in this game. Darian Dziurzynski took on Michael Ferland. I think it was the 1st punch that Dziurzynski threw that did the damage.

Brent Benson danced with Paul Ciarelli. It was a good fight. Draw.

Adam Morrison entered the game with about 10 minutes left. The game went to a shoot-out.

Jake Trask scored the only goal for the Blades.

The Blades travel to Regina take on the Pats. Brayden Schenn will most likely play on the 22nd Vs the Hitmen or 28th Vs the Broncos.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Brayden Schenn Coming home!!!!!

The Blades have landed the biggest fish in WHL trading pool. GET READY SASKATOON for a deep playoff run!!!!!

The Blades acquired Brayden Schenn and a 3rd round draft pick in 2012. They gave up:
four draft picks: 1st Round in 2011, 2nd Round in 2011, 1st Round in 2012 and 1st Round in 2012 Import Draft. The Blades also included in the trade two prospects: Ayrton Nikkel (Pursuit of Excellence M-AAA) and Tim McGauley (Regina M-AAA).

The Blades gave up 6 for 1. Hopefully the attendance will increase. Nobody should have ANY excuses not to go see a Blades game now.

They will probably give him a couple of weeks to rest his shoulder. So a home debut is TBA.

In another trade the Blades re-acquired Tanner Sohn a 19 year old defencemen from the Vancouver Giants ,for a 2013 10th round draft pick.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cody Eakin Traded To Kootenay. Blades MUST Do Something!!!!!

Cody Eakin was dealt for Christian Magnus, listed players Ryan Bloom, Jarett Zentner, Colby Cave and Steven Myland along with a 1st and 2nd round pick in 2011 and a 3rd round pick in 2012.

Eakin returned the Broncos 5 players and 3 draft picks,so Brayden Schenn will net a similar return (I would think)

I am not too sure the Blades will go for Schenn now,they do have depth but that is a lot of players to give up for a player who is currently injured.

I will be working tomorrow so I will rely on other people to send me trade info to my phone haha or just wait until I get home.

I hope the Blades do something or I personally will not be happy.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Saskatoon Punnishes PA.

The Blades outshot the Raiders 50-26. The Blades lead 3-0 after 40 minutes and had a 5 goal lead too. The final score was 5-1 for the Blades.

Marek Viedensky fought? WOW.........

If the Blades and Raiders some how meet in the 1st round,that would be a fun series.

Trade deadline is on Monday. The Blades host the Wheat Kings on Tuesday. Will Brayden Schenn remain a Wheat King or will he end up elsewhere?? I smell a deal coming somewhere.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Canada Lose To Russia. Schenn Headed Home??

Team Canada had a 3-0 lead and they sat back. Russia scored 3 goals to tie the game and they won the game 5-3. Silver for Canada again this year.

Brayden Schenn has been playing with a Separated shoulder,and this has some people saying that the Blades will not trade for him because of that. I still think that Schenn may be coming home. 2 players and 1 or 2 draft picks is probably what it will cost. Is that too much?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Blades Man Handle Hitmen.1st WHL Team To Win 30!!!!

First off a little bit of stats for you. The Blades are now 17-1-1 on home ice. Tonight's game was the 250th of Stefan Elliott's career and he also registered his 200th point.

The Blades did all of the scoring. Adam Morrison stopped all 29 shots that he faced. It was a chippy game tonight. Dalton Thrower fought Ben Wilson. No real good shots were landed until about the very end more of a wrestling match. At the end Thrower was chirping in the box. That is what some hockey players do.

The Blades were handed some unlucky bounces. Braden Johnson blocks his own team mates shot. Marek Viedensky fell awkwardly into the boards.

Duncan Siemens is the TOTAL PACKAGE....everyone already knows that. in the final period he took on Carter Berg and he annoyed Berg enough so that he would drop the gloves. He also fed Berg with some good punches too. I am not sure what cut Berg open... visor to the face or a punch.....

The final score was 5-0.

The Blades have a record of 30-9-1. They will travel to Prince Albert on Friday to play the Raiders.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Blades Lose To Broncos.

The Broncos held a 3-0 lead in this game but the Blades battled back and scored 2 goals. They fell short.

4-2 was the score.

Fatigue was no doubt a factor for the Blades. They played 4 games in 5 nights and the Blades 4th line is made of the young guys and they are not fully adjusted to the WHL yet.

The Blades next home game is Tuesday at the Credit Union Centre against the Calgary Hitmen.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Blades Rough Up Rebels.

Wow this looked like round 1 of the playoffs last year. The score was close in the 1st period, The Blades just stuck to their game plan and Red Deer was in penalty trouble. Saskatoon took advantage of that scoring on a 5 on 3 powerplay.

The score was 4-2 after 2 periods.

In the 2nd period is when the fights started Dziurzynski fought Wellar. Draw.

From what I saw of the Sutter/Neugent Hopkins indecent I think Neugent Hopkins threw a hit on Sutter and he did not like it so he wanted to fight RNH. RNH wanted no part of it and Sutter was just throwing punches. This is what started it all.

After numerous battles in the corners and along the walls. Josh Cowan skated up to Stefan Elliott and punched him in the head. Probably a revenge thing. Josh Cowan received a game misconduct. Josh Nicholls did as well for being 3rd man in.

Dalton Thrower had a HUGE game. he scored to goals and almost from the exact spot almost an instant replay.

The Blades handed the Rebels a 7-3 loss and they continue to gain points on Red Deer and Portland as well as Moose Jaw.

The Blades next home game is on Tuesday Jan 4th against the Calgary Hitmen.