Thursday, September 30, 2010

Blades Make Roster Moves.

Today the Saskatoon Blades narrowed the gap for their 20 year olds. Jeremy Boyer was placed on waivers . They have 4 left: Steven Stanford,Sena Acolatse,Teigan Zahn and Marek Viedensky. The last two are locks, so the last spot will be between Sena Acolatse and Steven Stanford.

It is too bad that Jeremy Boyer could not finish his junior career in the WHL but given the number of OA's in the league it can be a tough spot.

The Blades have re-assigned 18 year old defencemen Jesse Williamson to the Bonnyville Pontiacs of the AJHL.

This weekend the real test begins for the 2-0 Blades as they play 3 games in 3 nights. Friday in Brandon,Saturday at the CUC against the Pats and Sunday the Wheat make a visit to the CUC.

I am also planning on seeing a Midget AAA game between the Saskatoon Blazers and Moose Jaw Generals on Friday night.

The Blades have two players in their system that may be playing in this game Connor Kortko for the Blazers and Dayton Picard for the Generals.

A busy hockey filled weekend for me!!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Adam Morrison Returning Tomorrow?

I am hearing rumblings from people that he could be on his way back to Saskatoon. his name is not listed as one of the players being sent back, we shall see. Just a little heads up for you. I am sure we will see him play this weekend I hope.

Blades Sneak Past Raiders

The Blades came out on fire scoring 3 goals to start the game. The Raiders slowly found there way back into the game. It is hard to give a recap when you hear a game on the radio. So visit the Blades website for their recap of the game. Stefan Elliott is back and did indeed play tonight, Leafs 7th rounder in 2010 Josh Nicholls scored 2 goals as well as Marek Viedensky.

6-5 was the score.

The Blades start the season 2-0 and will face the Brandon Wheat Kings next Friday in Brandon.
Another question here. Why are the Flyers keeping Adam Morrison in camp? Maybe to help him work on his game? He can not play in the AHL yet. The Blades are just fine right now with Steven Stanford and Adam Iwan.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Blades Win Home Opener!!! Blades Trade McNaught To Vancouver.

This year instead of the Canadian Tire Chuck-A-Puck they have Pick A Puck. You pay $10 and you select a puck and if it has a number on it then you win a prize matched with the number. I picked a Curt Gogol autographed puck seen here:
On to the hockey game.

The Blades came out controlling the play in the 1st part of the opening period. Dalton Thrower opened the scoring for the Blades.

The Blades outshot the Raiders in the 1st period. In the 2nd period the Raiders picked up their game.

The Raiders took the lead in the 3rd period and honestly had me scared haha. The Blades capitalized in the third period and won the game 3-2. Darian Dzuirzynski was the hardest working player and Lukas Sutter delivered the hit of the game.

I really liked the play of the young guys (Olsen,Stovin and Stransky)

The Blades played a team game tonight,hopefully that continues.

The Blades are now 1-0 and will travel North to Prince Albert to finish a home and home series with the Raiders.

The Blades have traded Randy McNaught out west again to the Giants for a 5th round pick in the 2011 draft. The Blades now have 6 twenty year olds left. The number is getting smaller and the Blades are gaining draft picks.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Josh Nicholls Returns.

With that move it still leaves Stefan Elliott,Adam Morrison,Randy McNaught still in NHL camps. I hope to see Elliott and Morrison come back. I think we may see Steven Stanford start in the home opener.

An article in the paper today said there is still a possibility of Jyri Niemi coming back. First they say he is not coming back and now he might be? I think they are just trying to play mind games.

I am not too sure if they are trying to get Andrej Stastny over here but it would most likely send Matej Stransky packing if Stastny did come over.

Blades hockey is BACK!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Teigan Zahn Unanimously Named Captain.

The players voted that Zahn be named captain this season. I think this is a good choice,with him being one of the assistants last season it showed that he can step into the role of captain.

The Blades have named 3 assistant captains this season: Marek Viedensky,Curtis Hamilton and Duncan Siemens. This also may put some clarity to the overage situation,since both Zahn and Viedensky have letters so one would have to think that they are locks to be Overagers on the team. I think that Steven Stanford is on the outside looking in.

I was reading Kevin Shaw's blog: The Flyers have sent back Ricard Blidstrand to the Regina Pats. So that must mean that Adam Morrison is on his way back as well. (I do not see Morrison making the Flyers right now.) Morrison's return is not official just yet.

This would be cool. Regular season is ALMOST HERE!!!

Watch this video of 2 players from a WHL team personally delivering Season Tickets.

This is the first time that I have seen/heard of WHL team(s) delivering some season tickets to fans personally.

I think it would be cool if the Blades did this. Hint Hint.

I do not know about other fans but I am going to miss seeing Charles Inglis on the ice. I liked the intensity that he played with. It was too bad that he was traded on a sour note. He did not really see it that way which was good. He should be a good fit in Prince George with Brett Connolly. I also hope Travis Toomey does well in Seattle.

The Blades are giving one lucky fan a trip for 2 to Las Vegas and all you have to do is show up at the game.

There are 3 players still at NHL Camps: Josh Nicholls,Adam Morrison and Stefan Elliott. They may miss the home opener and they may be back in time for friday. Only time will tell.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Curt Gogol Signs with San Jose.

He was a free agent invite to their camp and has obviously impressed them enough to get a contract out of it.

He will be back in Saskatoon playing for the Blades again this year though.

Hamilton Returned to the Blades. Shaw TV's WHL Broadcast Schedule is out!!!

Here is the link to prove the truth:|EDM|home

The next news I am waiting to hear is about Curt Gogol and the rest of the guys still at NHL camps. If the Blades do not get those guys back they will be obviously short players.

Shaw is going to broadcast 5 Blades games this season. 4 home games and 1 road game. The bad thing about games being on tv is that it means that less people will be at the games.

Here is the link to the full broadcast schedule:

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Blades End Pre Season On A Good Note.

Steven Stanford,Jeremy Boyer and Teigan Zahn were the 20 year olds dressed for the Blades tonight. Something that I noticed tonight: Tyler Kizuik was playing forward because the Blades only had 10 forwards listed on the line-up sheet.

You would hope the Blades would win because they dressed 3 OA's and the Pats dressed one(only because that is how many I think they have?)

Anyways,I thought Pats goalie Matt Hewitt looked great. The Pats created some chances but could not beat Stanford.

Some people might ask: Why would you dress a 20 year old goalie in pre season? My answer is this: There is still an abundance of OA's on the roster these guys are competing for jobs and need playing time to prove their worth,and now with Viedensky being sent back I think he will stick. There is no need for Andrej Stastny now. So I think the Blades will let him stay in Europe.

The Pats got into penalty trouble and that is what hurt them.

Lukas Sutter,Darren Dietz, Braeden Johnson,Brett Stovin and Matej Stransky all potted goals for the Blades.

The Blades peppered the Pats with shots. Outshooting them 54-16 if my totals are correct.

17 year old Tyler Oswald has been returned to the Dauphin Kings of the MJHL. So Adam Iwan joins Steven Stanford and Adam Morrison in the goaltending battle of 3.

The Blades have until sometime in October(I think it may be the 20th) to get down to the limit of 3 Overage players.

We may see another trade or two. The Blades Home Opener is on Friday Sept 24th.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Travis Toomey Dealt.

Considering the circumstances this trade was going to happen and Travis Toomey was just a victim of the numbers game.

The Blades receive a 4th round draft pick in 2011. Blades fans will be able to see Toomey in game action when the Thunderbirds visit the CUC on Tuesday November 9th which will also mark the return of another former Blade in Burke Gallimore.

The Blades have 7 OA's listed on thier roster now. Still some more moves to be made.

The Blades take on the Regina Pats Saturday night at the CUC. It should be a good game.

2 WHL Trades,Another Overager Possibly Returning.

The Moose Jaw Warriors have acquired Thomas Heemskerk from Everett in exchange for Warriors Defencemen Chad Suer.

Then the Warriors traded 20 year old goaltender Jeff Bosch to Kamloops for a 6th round pick in 2011.

Edit: TSN published a list of which players were returned to their Junior teams and Viedensky was returned to the Blades. Curt Gogol made San Jose Sharks main camp I think?

Teigan Zahn Is Coming Back!!!

The Tampa Bay Lighting have sent him back,which likely means that he will be the Captain of the Blades this season.

The Blades also have an updated roster seen here:

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blades Stop Comeback,Defeat Pats

The Blades had a 4-0 lead. They scored all of those goals in the first 2 periods and the Pats scored all of their goals in the final period.

4-3 was the score for the Blades.

A back-up goalie is most likely going to be picked. I think the Blades are going with a young back-up this season. It will most likely depend on who comes back from NHL camps,that will determine who the 20 year olds are and starting goalie is.

Saturdays game should have a line-up that is almost regular season ready.

one other tid bit of news. Both Stefan Elliott and Josh Nicholls have made the main camps with their NHL teams. Nicholls with the Maple Leafs and Elliott with the Avalanche.

Blades Reassign Goaltender.

16 year old Adam Todd has been returned to his hometown club.

The Blades take on the Pats later this week, and the rematch goes Saturday at the CUC. Tickets are only $10. I hope we see a better turn out for this next game because last game was pathetic.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Thankfully It Is Only Pre Season.

With that being said a lot of rookies dressed and only a handful of veterans dressed like Sena Acolatse,Travis Toomey,Steven Stanford. The Blades played a very sloppy game and gave Moose Jaw ample opportunities to put the biscuit in the basket. (which the Warriors did 4 times)

Steven Stanford played the first period and Adam Todd played the remaining two.

The Blades fell again but this time in regulation 4-2. The Blades next action is against Regina Pats on Wednesday in Regina and Saturday in Saskatoon.

Meanwhile the team is still trying to get Andrej Stastny from his team in Europe. It may not be successful but you can not fault them for trying. If Marek Viedensky comes back to the Blades,no need to worry about Stastny then.

Blades Fall To Warriors

I did not listen to the game. It was said that the Blades played from behind the entire game.

The Warriors won this game in a shoot-out.

The rematch goes tonight at the Credit Union Centre.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Charles Inglis Traded To Prince George.

The Blades recieve a 2nd round draft pick in 2011. Pretty good but I think the trade value went down because of why he was traded. This move may hurt the Blades if he even reports to Prince George.

That is all for now. I must go play as the Blades in NHL 11!!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Blades Beat Up on Raiders.

Wow was it ever nice to see a hockey game again even if it was in that deep freeze of a rink in Martensville.

I was impressed at how well the Blades rookies played. Some serious indications as to which rookies could make the team. Ryan Olsen and Levi Bews have very good chances. Who will earn that 7th defencemen spot?

Who will be the back-up goalie? (Assuming they choose to go with a younger back up.)

The Blades organization must be very happy with who is on their 50 player protected list. Even with some of these walk on players that might get protected.

Here is a summary of the game tonight from the Blades website:

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Blades Defeat Raiders.

The game went into overtime,but that settled nothing. So a shootout happened. Tim MaGauley scored on the 1st shot. Another 1st rounder Ryan Olsen scored and won the game for the Blades.

The rematch goes Friday night in Martensville.

Pre-Season Game #1 Blades @ Raiders.

HOCKEY IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!

Expect to hear a young line-up tonight. Unless you drove up to PA and are going to watch the game.

Tune into CKBI 900 for the call of the game. I do not think 92.9 is calling any pre season games.

Game On!!!!!