Saturday, June 26, 2010

4 Blades Selected in the NHL Draft.

3 of them were in the rankings: Josh Nicholls,Curtis Hamilton,and Charles Inglis. Only 2 of those guys were picked. Curtis Hamilton went in the 2nd round to the Edmonton Oilers. Josh Nicholls was selected in the 7th round by my favorite team!!!!! The Toronto Maple Leafs. Charles Inglis went undrafted,and unranked Randy McNaught went in the 7th round to the New York Rangers (there are now 3 players who played for the Blades in the Rangers system) Sam Klassen,Jyri Niemi and now Randy McNaught. Teigan Zahn re-entered the draft and Steve Yzerman's Tampa Bay Lightning picked him in the 7th round.

Congratulations to Curtis,Randy,Teigan and Josh on being selected by NHL teams.

This could possibly narrow down the Blades 20 year old situation too. Zahn and McNaught could end up in the AHL.

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