Friday, July 9, 2010

Other Sports News Today.

Since there is no hockey news to share. Let's talk about some news in basketball and football. Firstly the big 3 end up in Miami. Dewayne Wade was already a member of the Miami Heat but Chris Bosch left Toronto and Le Bron James left Cleveland to join D-Wade in Miami. Now fans in Cleveland are upset because James said some things that were upsetting. Some Cavs fas are so upset that they are setting fire to their Le Bron James jerseys!!!! There is an article in todays sports section of the SP.

Now onto the Saskatchewan Rough riders. I am not really much of a football fan myself but I still read the articles in the local newspaper here. Apparently there are people in Regina going around trying to act as if they are a member(s) of the team. If they think this will work they are sadly mistaken. I think that it is a disgrace to do this. I hope these guys doing that are doing this get caught.

I might just have to make a trip down to Regina to watch a few games this year.

I have been watching some World Cup Soccer games as of late. I was cheering for Germany until they were ousted by Spain. Why was I cheering for Germany? Well because my mom's side of the family is German. I am going to Cheer for the Netherlands now for that exact reason.

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