Friday, August 20, 2010

15 Blades Players Going To NHL Camps

The 3 graduated players from last season did get camp invites although Sam Klassen was already signed by the Rangers. Derek Hulak earned a tryout with the Phoenix Coyotes,Walker Wintoneak earned a tryout with the Boston Bruins.

Jyri Niemi and Marek Viedensky go to camp with the New York Rangers and San Jose Sharks (They could be back but sort of unlikely)

So really 9 current Blade players are heading to NHL camps. Randy McNaught (Rangers) Teigan Zahn (Lightning),Adam Morrison (Flyers),Curtis Hamilton (Oilers) Stefan Elliott (Avalanche) Darian Dzuirzynski,Charles Inglis (Coyotes),Gogol (Sharks), Nicholls (Maple Leafs)

There is going to be 85 players in the years training camp.

All of the above information was found in the SP sports section.

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