Friday, November 12, 2010

Blades Punnish Portland.

On a night where Gene Simmons,Shannon Tweed,and Aaron Roy all made an appearance at the CUC,and where numerous tv cameras were focused. The Blades put on a good show in front of 8,800 fans.

The Blades came out ready and firing on all gears. 2-0 lead,but the Winterhawks are not ranked #2 in the CHL for no reason. The play of Nino Niederrieter shocked some. No he did not score a highlight real goal. The Winterhawks tied the game up and eventually took the lead but Josh Nicholls scored a clutch goal on the powerplay to tie the game up and Curtis Hamilton scored the game winner with less than 2 minutes left to play. I am excited to see the highlights on the Blades website.

The 50/50 jackpot was around $13,000.

The Blades play in Kootenay and Lethbridge next weekend.

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