Friday, January 28, 2011

Blades Defeat Broncos.

Saskatoon came out stars a shooting,as they developed a lead as large of 5-0 over the visiting Broncos.

There were 4 fights in this game 3 of which were good ones. The Sutter/Derko fight was ok but it looked like the Bronco player had turned a bit. I was sitting in the 2nd deck so that is where I saw it from.

It was kind of weird to see two European players chuck the knuckles but it happened. Stransky VS Nedomlel.

The Broncos scored 3 goals to try and make a game of it but it was too little too late.

6-3 was the final for the Blades. Attendance was ok.

Sadly it does not look like I will be making the trip to Swift Current tomorrow like I had originally planned.

I was able to wear my blue Schenn jersey that I had ordered last game.... Oh oh I gave away my identity. Now people will know who I am. Hehe


  1. You also have pictures of yourself posted, so I think that would give away your identity.