Saturday, February 5, 2011

Schenn-Sational Shut-out win!!!!!

The Blades faced off against a Lethbridge Hurricanes team that is fighting for there playoff lives.

The Blades played another good game 60 minute effort. It looked like David VS Goliath.

Saskatoon scored 16 seconds into the game,setting the tone for the Blades. The score after 1 period was 3-0 Saskatoon.

Both Brayden Schenn and Marek Viedensky put on a stick handling/dangle clinic. It was really fun to watch.

The rest of the scoring was done in the 2nd period. Teigan Zahn and Nick Tarnasky pushed and shoved so they go to the sin bin for 2 minutes and as soon as they exit the box they both drop the gloves. Speaking of that. Cam Braes and Brayden Schenn had a thing going in the final period and so they fought as well and that got a rise out of the crowd but Braes fed Schenn a good shot that popped his head back.

In the final period Dalton Thrower delivered a check on a Hurricane player and Brody Sutter took exception. Not much of a fight though. At least it was not Lukas Sutter Vs Brody Sutter. Haha

Also in the 3rd period Ryan Olsen was showing why he was picked in the 1st round in 09 with a semi break away but did not score. Pretty good considering that the 4th line obviously does not get a lot of time but with a lead and against a weaker team why not play the young guys.

With this 5-0 win the Blades are the 1st WHL team to clinch a playoff spot. 41-10-2.

The Blades will face an East Division foe the Moose Jaw Warriors on Wednesday night.

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