Thursday, November 3, 2011

Home Winning Streak Contines

Saskatoon continues to play well at the CUC.

The Blades got out to a 3-0 lead and thanks in huge part to Andrey Makarov,who will play for team Russia in the WHL VS Russia Super Series.

16 year old Rookie Devan Fafard got into his 1st WHL fight with anther 16 year old from the Hitmen. I think he did pretty well. I would call it a draw.

I honestly do not know how Alex Elliott is still on the team,he has 0 points in 10 games..... i could understand if he was a rookie but he is not really one. I do not know what he was doing fighting either.

Dalton Thrower went hard into the boards and looked a bit worse for wear. Josh Nicholls was a beast tonight notching 2 points.

The final score was 4-1 for the Blades.

The Blades next action is against the Warriors in Moose Jaw. I am so glad that I am going!!

Go Blades Go!! Saskatoon has won 7 in a row at home.

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