Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Leafs VS Senators last night.

Last night was EPIC. I saw my favorite hockey team. The Toronto Maple Leafs played the Ottawa Senators at Sask Tel Centre. It was a star studded line up. Morgan Rielly. Nikita Zaitsev. Freddy Andersen. Antoine Bibeau. James Van Reimsdyk. Auston Matthews. Mitch Marner.

This game was well worth the price. Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner were gamers out there. When the Leafs had the 2-1 lead. I thought they would lock it down. Not the case. Ottawa tied the game up and scored again in Overtime.  So the Senators won. They were the hungrier team. After loosing monday night in Winnipeg.

Still very thankful that the Toronto Maple Leafs came to Saskatoon. The crowd booed Dion Phanuef for some reason. There was more Leafs fans in attendance. It is great to see.

Enjoy some photos

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