Thursday, December 16, 2010

Is this the Blades Year?

I know that many Blades fans (myself included) think that with a trade or 2 this team could become a contender to win the WHL and possibly have a good crack at winning the Memorial Cup.

The Blades only lose 3 players (Hamilton,Bews and Olsen) and for 5 games at the most with the Under 17's and World Juniors.

Speaking of Curtis Hamilton here is an Interview that the Edmonton Oilers did with him:

Everyone also has their mindset on possibly Saskatoon having another chance at hosting the Memorial Cup in 2013. In order for the Blades to get some needed star power they WILL have to trade away a decent prospect,and that could kind of mix things up (If the Blades do host it in 2013) because when you are hosting the Memorial Cup most teams load up.

This is a tough decision for Lorne Molleken. Or maybe he already has a plan? The WHL is in a roster freeze right now until after Christmas.

I am just echoing what other people have said. Should the Blades go after a Schenn or Eakin? Or should they get a player that will help them out over the next year as well?

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