Saturday, April 9, 2011

Blades Down 0-2 Going to Cranbrook.

The 1st game was a 4-1 loss,the 2nd game was a much closer 3-2 loss. The Blades played better tonight and it could have gone either way in O.T.

The series now shifts to Cranbrook for games 3 and 4 Tuesday and Wednesday night. I am a die hard fan and I am making the trip on the fan bus to go see the next two games. I survived the B.C road trip so I should be ok with this one..... If any team can come back and win a series down 0-2. I think that the Blades can do it.

The road teams have done well as both the Tigers and Ice have won both games on the road. Let's hope that the Blades can continue that trend.

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