Monday, October 10, 2011

Blades are on a Hot Streak.

Saskatoon played another good game on Saturday night and the game was chippy and had emotion . Darian Dzuirzynski made his presence felt with one goal. I am so glad that he was sent back. He looks like he is playing a smarter game,same goes for Lukas Sutter. Kyle Haas is trying to be an energy player but I think he only tries to pick fights which could be a bad thing. There is a reason he made the team though.

Nick Zajac showed his speed and also created a couple scoring chances.

Both Duncan Siemens and Dalton Thrower were involved in tilts. 1 for 2 was the decision. I do not think that was Siemen's best fight.

Hopefully nobody receives a suspension. Saskatoon will host Moose Jaw on Tuesday before hitting the road for their US Division road trip. Also some team bonding is good. Hopefully they can continue this on the road. It is also a good way to get away from the home crowd pressure and just play their game.

Saskatoon has a 5-1 record.

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