Friday, February 26, 2010

Blades Shut-out Raiders

I thought that the Raiders would put up a fight in this game because Garrett Zemlak was in goal...... Adam Morrison was given the start.... I almost forgot that he was our other goalie because Steven Stanford was getting most of the games.

I am not picking on of trying to make fun of anyone here.... (well except maybe the Philliadelphia Flyers for taking him so high) but yet again they took unranked Garrett Klotz in the 2nd or 3rd round, But there are some things that Adam Morrison needs to work on... one thing that I noticed tonight is that he needs to work on his glove hand.

Other than that he played an ok game. The Blades as a team struggled periodically bringing the puck up ice and even making passes.

Josh Nicholls played an excellent game tonight,and he has not stepped it up for a while. Good for him.

Even Randy McNaught scored a goal tonight.

Both Marek Viedensky and Derek Hulak had strong games as well.

Charles Inglis threw the hit of the game and Dalton Thrower was awarded the Hardest working player award...well I dont think you are given a medal or anything haha but just recognized for your hard work with these awards.

The Blades scored 5 goals and the defence played solid which allowed Adam Morrison to get the shutout.

The Blades out shot the Raiders 41-32 and the Blades swept the 3 star selections as well. Derek Hulak was the 1st star.Adam Morrison was the 2nd star and Marek Viedensky was the 3rd star.

The Blades have 93 points. Tomorrow night Jordan Eberle and his crew roll into Saskatoon after playing on the road in Swift Current tonight. The Broncos defeated the Pats tonight 6-4...... It should be a good game tomorrow......

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