Saturday, February 27, 2010

Blades Punished By Pats.... Jordan Eberle Puts On A Show Once Again........

Wow was this ever a head scratcher of a game!!!!!!!!!! The Pats just outworked & outplayed the Blades in every area of the game tonight. Not much else to say really. It was once again a pleasure to watch Jordan Eberle as usual..... The Oilers picked a good one...........

Keep into consideration that that fact of the matter was: The Blades just finished 3 games in 5 nights and they looked tired out there...

Travis Toomey was the Hardest Working Player and Marek Viedensky had the Hit of the Game. Although it was late hit and also looked like it was from behind and was penalized for it. There was another hit that should have been awarded hit of the game...... oh well.

The final score was 3-0 for the Pats,they also out shot the Blades 29-19.

I was surprised that the Pats did not sweep the 3 star selection!!!!!!!

There was a very proud & brave group of Pats fans sitting in the bottom of my section tonight. I loved the sign they had too..... short but to the point, Here is what it said: "WE HAVE EBERLE" No disrespect at all but I had a chuckle,because yes he is a world class talent and and a classy guy but if the Pats do not make it into the playoffs then why did they Keep Jordan Eberle and also Colton Tuebert.... I can answer that myself haha. They think they still can make the playoffs but they would have been set for a couple seasons after this one if they would have dealt those two players.....and the offers were out there.

From what I heard it sounds like Levi Bews will remain with the Blades for the duration of the regular season.

The Blades have a 3 game road trip coming up and the game against Brandon is on Shaw TV on Wednesday night and I work a closing shift so I will probably miss a dandy of a game. They will then play in Edmonton and Calgary on the weekend.

The Blades next home game is on Wednesday March 9th against the Moose Jaw Warriors.

I was told by someone tonight that the Playoffs start on March 19th... I hope this is true because I might be off to Las Vegas for a Canadian Paralympic Soccer Team training camp on April 1st-5th. So I hope the WHL hockey gods help me out haha.

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