Monday, February 1, 2010

Ok time for a RANT!!!!!! NHL & Saskatoon related.

I read in the paper today that Credit Union Centre is having another NHL exhibition game (probably next season sometime) Want to take a guess at who the teams are??? This is an easy one. It is the Calgary Flames and New York Islanders again!!!!!!!!!

I can understand that the amount of money that must be spent on travel plus bringing in all of the equiptment and all that jazz and I already saw a game between these two teams. If Florida and the New York Islanders can play here than surely any other NHL team can too.

I guess with Saskatoon hosting the 2010 World Junior Hockey Championships it says something but I guess it does not say enough about how awesome of a city Saskatoon is and how great the province of Saskatchewan is.

I just hope that they add another game with a team like Tononto or Vancouver against a US team. I mean now the CUC is a World Class Arena so why not give Saskatoon hockey fans a variety and switch up the teams playing in exhibition games here. Obviously I know Calgary and Edmonton are 45 minute plane rides from Saskatoon and about a 7 hour drive but not everyone can afford that to see an NHL game. Unless they win a contest of course. That would be nice wouldn't it?

Speaking about Saskatoon and hockey(specifically WHL) I was talking to my brother's teamates Dad ,at my brother's hockey practice (which just happened to be at the CUC) and he is suggesting that with an arena of 15,000 + why not lower the ticket prices to get more butts in the seats? That is if they want to aleast fill the seats because, What is the point of having them there if they are goin to be empty. Saskatoon tickets are fairly cheap when you look at Edmonton. Yes I kow that the WHL is not going to lower single game ticket prices but I find it OUTRIGHT PATHETIC that a game on NATIONAL TV was only seen live by about 4,000 people and ok it was on a weekday but here comes my point Saskatoon is not a junior hockey city. In My Opinion.

I know people will make up excuses and cry till the cows come home but hey the Blades are a winning hockey team!!!!!!! That in itself should draw people to the games and to watch great hockey players too.

ok I think I am done now.

My passion for the Toronto Maple Leafs is starting to come alive again!!! Thanks to Brian Burke for acquiring Dion Phaneuf.


  1. Sure hope you guys can do the Pats a favor, by beating the Raiders tonight.

  2. Well sorry Ed it didnt happen... I am dissappointed but what can you do? Hopefully the Blades can beat the Pats tomorrow!!!!!!!!

  3. Yea I watched the game. What's wrong with Blades lately? The Pats need a win tonight so hopefully you guys bring the same game to town. You coming down?

  4. The Blades have played inconsistant... It would be nice to see them get on a roll again. They can beat the Calgary's and some of the stronger teams some nights and then struggle againt the PA's and weaker teams.

    I am not coming down because I have to work. That is one thing I want to do: attend more Blades road games though.

  5. Ya, just like the Pats they play the stronger teams good, but against the weaker teams it's a battle.

    I have to be in Saskatoon on March 1st for work I'm thinking I might make a weekend of it the Pats are there are the 27th