Saturday, September 18, 2010

Blades End Pre Season On A Good Note.

Steven Stanford,Jeremy Boyer and Teigan Zahn were the 20 year olds dressed for the Blades tonight. Something that I noticed tonight: Tyler Kizuik was playing forward because the Blades only had 10 forwards listed on the line-up sheet.

You would hope the Blades would win because they dressed 3 OA's and the Pats dressed one(only because that is how many I think they have?)

Anyways,I thought Pats goalie Matt Hewitt looked great. The Pats created some chances but could not beat Stanford.

Some people might ask: Why would you dress a 20 year old goalie in pre season? My answer is this: There is still an abundance of OA's on the roster these guys are competing for jobs and need playing time to prove their worth,and now with Viedensky being sent back I think he will stick. There is no need for Andrej Stastny now. So I think the Blades will let him stay in Europe.

The Pats got into penalty trouble and that is what hurt them.

Lukas Sutter,Darren Dietz, Braeden Johnson,Brett Stovin and Matej Stransky all potted goals for the Blades.

The Blades peppered the Pats with shots. Outshooting them 54-16 if my totals are correct.

17 year old Tyler Oswald has been returned to the Dauphin Kings of the MJHL. So Adam Iwan joins Steven Stanford and Adam Morrison in the goaltending battle of 3.

The Blades have until sometime in October(I think it may be the 20th) to get down to the limit of 3 Overage players.

We may see another trade or two. The Blades Home Opener is on Friday Sept 24th.

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