Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Teigan Zahn Unanimously Named Captain.

The players voted that Zahn be named captain this season. I think this is a good choice,with him being one of the assistants last season it showed that he can step into the role of captain.

The Blades have named 3 assistant captains this season: Marek Viedensky,Curtis Hamilton and Duncan Siemens. This also may put some clarity to the overage situation,since both Zahn and Viedensky have letters so one would have to think that they are locks to be Overagers on the team. I think that Steven Stanford is on the outside looking in.

I was reading Kevin Shaw's blog: The Flyers have sent back Ricard Blidstrand to the Regina Pats. So that must mean that Adam Morrison is on his way back as well. (I do not see Morrison making the Flyers right now.) Morrison's return is not official just yet.

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