Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bruins & Broncos Trade

It is all over sports blogs already.............

When Mark Habscheid was named the Head Coach and GM of the Bruins, I thought as well as many other people did that his first move would be to make a trade with the Broncos for the obvious reason so he can watch and coach his son. The trade went like this: the Bruins sent a 4th round draft pick in 2010 to the Broncos for 17 year old Zach Habscheid.

Some people say that having a parent so close by that it could have both a positive and negative effect on both sides of things. I do not think that this will be a problem though because who would want to be away from their parents at a young age? There are many examples of both situation and I could be on here explaining them all to you. I will shorten it by saying this. Age is a factor in making a descision to accept being drafted or traded to a team far away but obviously as players get older they may think that playing away from home can be a good thing.

I think that the majority of players were fine playing away from home or away from their parents so we will see how this situation works out.... I hope and think that it will be fine.

Another thing to point out here that hockey is a buissness and everything happens for a reason.....

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