Thursday, October 8, 2009

Blades Break The Ice.

In this game last night the Blades offence was scoring in bunches, 2 goals on the first two shots of the game!!!!!!!!!! Ice goalie Todd Matthews had a very short night. In fact the Blades had a 6-0 lead at one point before the Ice started scoring again......

There were also alot of fights....something you would expect in a game against the Pats or Raiders,but the against the Ice? Yes there were 4 fights and newly acquired tough guy Randy McNaught fought and McNaught won with ease. 16 year old rookie Dalton Thrower lived up to his name sake he was the "Thrower" of a big hit,and he also dropped the gloves after with Matt Fraser and did fairly well. Jyri Niemi also joined the fighting and took on Kevin King. Another Blades rookie Brent Benson came to a Tyler Kizuik's defence and fought Jesse Ismond,but he did not do so well...he was handed (what looked like a decent size cut in the nose area.)Although Benson did get fixed up and return to the game. I bet that Lorne Molleken loves what he is seeing out of Brent Benson.

The shots after the first period were 14-10 in favor of the Blades and the score after the 1st frame was 5-0 for the Blades.

The score after the 2nd period was 7-3 for the home team,the shots were 25-24 for the Blades.

Each team scored once more making the final score 8-4. But the shot totals were dead even at 31 a piece.

The 3 stars were: Derek Hulak,Brock Montgomery of the Ice and Jyri Niemi.

The attendance was down because this game was on Shaw.....3,560.

The Blades now take a 3-2-0-2 record on the road to Alberta for 4 games this weekend and next.

The team's next home action is on October 21st against the Regina Pats....may we see a McNaught VS Tuebert fight?? Jordan Eberle will most likely be in the Pats line-up barring injury.

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