Friday, October 2, 2009

Goodbye Gustafsson...... & Friday Gameday at PA.....

The team officially released Hampus Gustafsson today,I was thinking to myself that maybe the Blades will pick him again in the import draft next season but he would be 19 then. He seemed like he had the tools to succeed in the WHL. It could happen because the Blades may be forced to select 2 new players from the dare I say it...."crap shoot" of a draft,(that is if you do not do your homework on the player you want to select)

With this move the Blades have a 24 man roster (yeah I do not think there are any girls or women on the team haha) 14 forwards 8 defencemen and 2 goalies.

The Blades have about just under 2 weeks to solve the overage situation..... A couple more games/practices to evaluate should do the trick. Newcomer to the team Jeremy Boyer will most likely see his first game action as a Blade. Just wait until he plays at the CUC.....his heart should be racing then....

I should be able to catch bits and pieces of the game on my personal radio at work tomorrow night.

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