Thursday, October 29, 2009

Blades & Broncos Beware.......

I was thinking about the suspension of Randy McNaught and how some people think the punishment was not harsh enough and I agree. Now the date that McNaught COULD return is: Nov.4th against those same Swift Current Broncos. Should he play I am sure that he will have a HUGE target on his back. I will not be at that game.

Instead I will a playing a game of my own.... a soccer game. I could rush to the hockey game after but it may be too late. I am just glad that I am not missing a team like Kelowna or Chilliwack. Adding soccer into my schedule could mean that I may miss some of the Blades home games,but I could also skip out on a soccer game....a decision that I must make.

That is all the blogging for now.

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