Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Blades Torture Tigers

Adam Morrison was given the start and he made some jaw dropping saves too. It did not take the Blades that long to hit the scoreboard and yes I mean score a goal. The score was 2-0 after the 1st period. Former Blade property Tanner Sohn took a delay of game penalty in the first as a result of the Blades strong forecheck.

The Tigers did pressure the Blades early on but having no success in scoring on Adam Morrison. At 14:04 of the second period enter Deven Dubyk....Tyler Bunz made 12 saves on 16 shots. As one would expect with the Tigers loosing the game's physicality picked up and scrums after whistles were almost going to happen. The Blades play a physical game and 2 or 3 Tigers were victims of big hits 2 of which the Blades player caught his target with his head down.

At about the 6 minute mark of the 2nd period Duncan Siemens was looking for a fight and he found a dance partner in Taylor Gal...The taller Siemens had the size advantage but did not land any really big bombs. This guy is the real deal!!!!! One of the other Blades rookies Brent Benson was awarded the Hit Of The Game.... What else can I say about these two? They are 1st rounders and they are obviously talented.

After 2 periods the score was 5-1 for the Blades.

In the final period the Tigers managed to score 2 times. Other than those two goals Adam Morrison with the help of his defencemen were the reason why the Tigers only scored two goals and believe me the Tigers could definitely have made a game of it with their speed.

The Blades played well without Randy McNaught in the line-up besides they have at least a handful of players who are not afraid to get rough in the corners and drop the gloves if need be... If anything let his punishment be a lesson to him.

At the at the 14:36 mark of the 3rd period Darian Dziurzynski laid a punishing hit on a Tiger player who I think had his head down and he stayed down for a couple of seconds but he did go to the bench on his own power. Matt Konan of the Tigers came in and challenged DD to fight and DD stood his ground against Konan.

Near the end of the game is where things could have escalated out of control but the referee kept things under control.

The Blades outshot the Tigers 48-27.

The final score was 7-2 for the Blades.

The Blades have two 16 year old defencemen and this can be a risk but Adam Morrison has been there when a mistake has been made to bail them out and do not get me wrong both of these rookies can play but it is just a matter of becoming better,adjusting to the WHL and learning from the veterans.

The bridge city bunch are now in 1st place in the east division. (they lead the Moose Jaw Warriors by 2 points)

10-3-0-2 is their record right now.

The Blades finish thier 3 game homestand with a game against the Edmonton Oil Kings on Friday the 30th.

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