Saturday, December 26, 2009

Canada BLASTS open the 2010 WJR's.

I was not able to attend the game but team Canada dominated Latvia defeating them by a score of 16-0. Most of you probably watched the game on tv.
Canada's next game is on monday against Switzerland. I will be at this game. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!
I did take in the USA vs Slovakia game and it was a intense game and it became more chippy as the game progressed. One Player that caught my eye were Jordan Schroeder,a Vancouver Canuck Prospect.
I have a pretty good seat for the tournament too. It looks as if they are eventually going to replace the plastic seats with the semi comfortable seats. (do not quote me on this) I think that is what they are doing.
If you do go to a game you can not leave without buying a program, sure it is $10 but it has tons of facts and stuff.

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