Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Blades Select Swedish Left Winger.

With their 57th pick they selected Hampus Gustafsson an 18 year old and the Blades could possibly get three years of service out of him if he comes back as a 20 year old but that is kind of rare because then he would take up 2 spots on the team. He seems to have decent stats and hopefully he can do well over here. I am excited to see what he can do..... Bring on the hockey season already!!!!!!

2009 CHL Import Draft

Today another draft will be completed and the Blades have the 57th pick overall which may not even be used. Follow the draft at www.chl.ca. It will be interesting to see which players the WHL teams pick as there always are some Europeans that refuse to report to the CHL team that drafted them. That is why it is important that teams do their homework and obviously pick a player that wants to play in North America but some teams still take a gamble and pick talented players but they do not report.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Rest of the 2009 NHL Draft

3 Saskatoon Blades were selected in the draft. Stefan Elliott went in the 2nd round 49th overall to the Colorado Avalanche,Adam Morrison was selected by the Philidelphia Flyers in the 3rd round 81st overall,and the final player who was selected (by a Canadian team) is Gaelan Patterson and he was selected by the Calgary Flames in the 7th round 201st overall. A total of 31 WHL players were selected by NHL teams in this years draft.

The Toronto Maple Leafs had a certain flavor to their draft picks this year and that is the hometown and American flavor,and not that there is anything wrong with this and hopefully the ship is starting to go in the right direction now.... us Leaf fans can only wait and see.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

2009 NHL Entry Draft

Well the 1st round is complete. I am a little dissapointed but I must except the fact that the Leafs choose Nazem Kadri. I can not say that the Leafs did not try to trade up to be able to pick Brayden Schenn but I think that they made an effort to do that and failed. Only 5 WHL'ers were selected in the 1st round and I think that there is a good possibility that Stefan Elliott's name could be called tommorow in the 2nd round.

It will be interesting to see what happens tommorow. I hope at least 2 Blades get drafted but 3 would be awesome.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ready for the season to start.....

By this I mean that I renewed my season tickets for the 4th straight year and because the Blades made an early exit in last season's playoffs and this ment that I saved money this year.

I do not think that there has been a busier time for coaches and General Managers being let go and hired than this off season. This time it is a good story as another coach is leaving the WHL and going to the NHL. The Swift Current Broncos will be looking for a new Coach and General Manager because Dean Chynoweth has accepted a job with the New York Islanders as an Assistant Coach. With these moves it makes me wonder if Lorne Molleken will go back to the NHL? Ok I would not really want to think about that possibility anymore because I think he has done a great job with this team since he came back.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bruins & Broncos Trade

It is all over sports blogs already.............

When Mark Habscheid was named the Head Coach and GM of the Bruins, I thought as well as many other people did that his first move would be to make a trade with the Broncos for the obvious reason so he can watch and coach his son. The trade went like this: the Bruins sent a 4th round draft pick in 2010 to the Broncos for 17 year old Zach Habscheid.

Some people say that having a parent so close by that it could have both a positive and negative effect on both sides of things. I do not think that this will be a problem though because who would want to be away from their parents at a young age? There are many examples of both situation and I could be on here explaining them all to you. I will shorten it by saying this. Age is a factor in making a descision to accept being drafted or traded to a team far away but obviously as players get older they may think that playing away from home can be a good thing.

I think that the majority of players were fine playing away from home or away from their parents so we will see how this situation works out.... I hope and think that it will be fine.

Another thing to point out here that hockey is a buissness and everything happens for a reason.....

Monday, June 15, 2009

Penguins Defeat Detroit!!!!!!!!!!

I am very happy that a new team has won the Stanley Cup this season because now different players and players like Sidney Crosby,Evgeni Malkin and Jordan Staal won their 1st Stanley Cup and will be able to experience everything that comes with winning the Stanley Cup ...... It will obviously be a short summer for Detriot and Pittsburgh but I would call that a good thing because they are playing the game that they love.

I am excited for the NHL Draft as well but if you are a hockey fan, how can you not get excited about the NHL Draft? Now some players that I had the privilege of watching all season long in the WHL will have their names called in Montreal. It will probably be the best day of thier hockey lives so far. I hope the Leafs somehow draft Brayden Schenn.... knowing Brian Burke the days leading up too the big day and on the big day something may happen..... June 26 & 27 mark those days on your calenders.......

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Adam Morrison choosen as an injury replacement at hockey Canada's Goaltender Camp.

I guess this obviously means that he has a chance to be named to the U-20 Team Canada. I think that learning from Braden Holtby helped him alot and even though he is only an injury replacement this still means that he is a good goaltender and it is good to see him getting some recognition. This should only boost his confidence for the 09-10 WHL season.

NHL Playoffs......... wow what a series this has turned out to be and by no means did I think that Pittsburgh would roll over and quit after being down 2-0. It has been a home team series. I really hope that the Penguins can break that pattern on Friday and lucky me I have Friday off so I can watch the game. Go Pens in game 7!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kytnar signs with the Oilers......

When he did sign with the Oilers everyone thought that he would not play another game in the WHL but that may not be the case. So now there is a good possibilty that he could be back in a Blades uniform for another season. I was kind of excited at the possibilty that the Blades could have picked a player in the CHL Import Draft but that looks like it will not happen. Oh well Kytnar is a good player and if he does play for the Blades next season then all the better.....

Now to talk about the hockey that is still being played.... NHL Stanley Cup Finals Although I would like the Penguins to win the cup,I would also like to have my picture taken with the cup and for that to possibly happen then Detriot would have to win it because the only player on the Penguins who has connections to Saskatchewan is Chris Kunitz who is from Regina. So either way I will be happy for which ever team wins it.