Saturday, April 3, 2010

Blades VS Wheat Kings.... Game #1.

This series may go 7 games. The game was back and forth after Brandon got up 2-0 in the 1st period. Special teams was a big factor in this game. Adam Morrison got injured in practice so the Blades had to call up an emergency back up Matt Canaday. I wonder if the Blades will call up one of their other goalies in the system?

I think that this game was the best Blades?Wheat Kings game I have seen in a while. I love seeing back and forth action and teams trading goals like that.

The Blades top 4 defencemen played a ton of minutes tonight and they looked tired towards the end of the game.

Curtis Hamilton is having the toughest luck with injuries this season/playoffs ..... The check by Jay Fehr seemed like it was a clean hit but he did get a penalty for it.... Maybe the WHL will review it? The damage was done. Curtis Hamilton is injured again.

The Blades could not manage to tie up the game in the final minute with Stanford on the bench.

The final score was 6-5 for the Wheat Kings.

The attendance was about 6,400.

The 50/50 jackpot was around $12 or $14 Thousand,the biggest in a long while.

The "White Out" was good but I think it could have been whiter in the seats haha.

I was able to meet a couple of Wheat Kings fans one who posts on the message board.

I am excited for game #2 tomorrow night.

I am also excited to make another road trip with the Blades booster club fan bus to Brandon (My first time) for games #4 and #5 next weekend. Hopefully to meet some more message board posters.

AHH I love this game of hockey and how much fun it is to travel and meet new people.

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