Sunday, April 11, 2010

Blades WIn 2 out of 3 in Brandon..... Trail 3-2

I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

Well if you are a Blades fan you may be saying "that stinks" or maybe not but this has been a road team series for the most part except game #5.

The Blades have done really well in this series,they battled back and won games in Brandon to tie up the series,so I think being down 1 game is not bad.... Scary? yes,but the Blades are still in it but on life support.

Both games were pins and needle,edge of your seat games.

Jyri Niemi did play in game #5 and the Wheat Kings mascot was mocking him because he also had tape around his fingers as well did some little kids who were Wheat King fans bellow us in Section 21.

Thse fans in Brandon are creative with making signs,I did see one good sign in Saskatoon @ game #1 though.

It was a different experience sitting and watching the game from behind the net.

The Wheat Kings prevailed by a score of 3-2 when Toni Rajala scored the game winner.

Game #6 is at the CUC on Monday Night, I am excited and nervous all in one beat!!!!!

Positive Thinking..... Go Blades Go.

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