Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blades Shut Down Americans,Extend Streak To 3.

Adam Morrison was given the start tonight for the Blades and he played well. I wonder if the Blades are going to go with Stanford and Morrison as their 2 goalies?? Something to think about.

The Blades jumped out to a 2-0 lead with Josh Nicholls scoring 1 minute into the game and Darian Dzuirzynski scoring the Blades 2nd goal

The way this game was played with intensity and everything else you would think that it was arch rivals playing one another. Tri City put together a good effort. if these two teams met in the playoffs it would be a very good series.

I do not know how to put this without getting jumped on and either way I might, but there were some questionable hits that Tri City put on some Blades players. One in particular was Brendan Shinnimin hitting Josh Nicholls who stayed down for a while. It will be interesting to see if anything else results from that hit. I do not know if it was just Tri City hitting dangerously or someone letting the game get out of control?

This was a good hockey game to watch. Fast paced action with hits and good saves.

I think Les Lazaruk mentioned in the pre game video that if the Blades won this game it would be the best start that the Blades have had since also going 5-1 in 1985 if I remember correctly?

The hit of the game was thrown by Darian Dzuizynski and the hardest working player for the Blades was Marek Viedensky.

There was a lot of Tri City Americans fans there tonight,I do not think that their team has a booster club so either die hard fans are following the AMS or either family that live out in Saskatchewan?

The final score was Blades 5 Americans 3. The Americans are now 0-2 on their East Divison Road Trip. The Blades meanwhile are 3-0 in their last 3.

The attendance was only 3,026 or around there. You would think that their would have been more people at the game considering it was a team that only comes here every other year or 2 years. Sure it would be great to see decent crowds every game but whatever. The Blades are winning and the team looks great. It is only the start of the season but early success is crucial.

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