Thursday, October 7, 2010

Leafs Win Home Opener. Video of last nights hit.

The Leafs beat the Canadeins 3-2 was the score. I was only able to watch the end of the 2nd and final period. Clarke MacArthur was 2nd star scoring one goal,Phil Kessel and J-S Giguere was the other stars of the game. The Leafs will take on the Ottawa Senators on Saturday.

Ok now onto the video replay of the Josh Nicholls hit at the end of the 3rd period.

He did not have the puck and it was not a very smart move on Shinnimin's part.

He is lucky that Nicholls is not severely hurt maybe a concussion and a bruised back. Still I do not like to see anyone on either team get hurt in any game.

One more piece of news: Adam Iwan has been sent back home. The Blades will probably go with a strong duo of Stanford and Morrison. Adam Morrison looks very much improved from last season.

The Blades will face the Moose Jaw Warriors tomorrow night. I think we may see Josh Nicholls sit this one out.

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