Friday, August 21, 2009

Training Camp Recap Day #2

Again taken from the Blades website:

1 cut has been made. 65 players- 39 forwards-19 defencemen-7 goalies.

Brendan Wall is still injured and on the shelf.

In the first scrimmage team Blue defeated team Grey in the extra period 7-6. The goal scorers for Blue were: Jamie Crooks(2) Curtis Hamilton,Brett Stovin,Brandon Tkachuk.,Graham McBain,and Charles Inglis scored the final goal for team Blue.

Goal scorers for team Grey: Gaelan Patterson(2),Michael Statchuk,Josh Nicholls,Jonathon Robinson and newcomer Matthew Plesa.

Goalies for team Blue: Adam Morrison 19 saves on 22 shots, Adam Todd 7 saves on 10 shots

Goalies for team Grey: Adam Iwan 7 saves on 8 shots, Chris Sharkey 7 saves on 8 shots and Matthew Krahn 14 saves on 19 shots.

In the 2nd scrimmage team White doubled up on team Blue 10-5.

The goal scorers for team White were: Derek Hulak(2) Travis Toomey(2) Milan Kytnar(2) newcomer Jordan Kancsel,Jesse Mychan,Woody Klassen and Stefan Burzan

The goal scorers for team Blue were: Hampus Gustafsson(2) Jamie Crooks, Curtis Hamilton and Walker Wintoneak.

Goaltenders for team White were: Tyler Santos 15 saves on 18 shots, Tyler Oswald 18 saves on 20 shots.

Goaltenders for team Blue were: Adam Todd 18 saves on 25 shots, Adam Morrison 10 saves on 13 shots.

Saturday Training Camp Schedule
8:00-9:15 1st place team practice
9:30-11:30 2nd place team VS 3rd place team
4:30-6:30 Final

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