Monday, August 31, 2009

Yesterday......Blades Reassign 3 players

So I was working hard yesterday as I do every Sunday,I work at a grocery store(that explains why) A member of the Blades Booster club comes through the checkout and he is always sporting the same Blades hat when I see him,so I said hello to him and I had to refresh his memory because he did not recognize me so I told him... So we started talking about the Blades because he helps run the Blades Booster Club so he told me that there is a road trip to Alberta that is going to be popular this season...I can not remember the specifics of it but he said we will see both NHL Arenas in Edmonton and Calgary,I think that there is one NHL game and the other is a WHL game,I think there was something other games snuck in there too...I can not really remember and the price was affordable,so it should not break your bank acount. It was nice to talk hockey for the couple minutes that we did.

I am hoping to go on a couple of Booster Club Roadtrips,they are so much fun!!!! The players do really enjoy the fan support that the Booster Club and Blades fans bring to the Road games when the Booster Club travels along side the team. I know that the Blades are one of the WHL teams that are fortunate enough to have a Booster Club because not every team in the Dub has a Booster Club. I am sure glad that the Blades have one.

A little peice of training camp info for those interested.....

The Blades have reassigned 3 players: Brett Stovin(15) Stefan Burzan(15) and Tyler Oswald(16).... What?!?!?!?! ahh there my hopes are crushed for seeing him make the team in his first year of moves on. The Blades now have thirty two players left in camp... 17 forwards-12 Defencemen-3 goaltenders. 5 overagers(Kytnar,Klassen,Hulak,Langkow,and Wintoneak) and 1 fifteen year old rookie (Olsen) remain in training camp.

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