Saturday, September 5, 2009

Aberdeen Game VS Medicine Hat.

This game was a little bit different from the other preseason games that the Blades have played. Not only did they play a different team in the Medicine Hat Tigers but they did not score first or they did not even have a lead in this game. The Blades were still throwing the body around which is always a good thing to do even when a team is trailing. Curtis Hamilton scored the only goal for the Blades.

There were two fights except one did not even break out because the refs jumped in....about the refs in this game....I know it is only a preseason game but some of the penalties called and off-sides called and missed were kinda frustrating to back to the fights Tyler Yaworski of the Blades attempted to fight a Tigers player but the refs stepped in before any real damage was done. In the other tussle Darian Dziurzynski fought Tomas Carr of the Tigers and this fight was a closer fight but I would call it a draw. Matthew Krahn's performance was decent but I think he could have had a better game,and the back-up goaltender is................ haha you thought I was going to let you in on a secret didn't you??? Well sorry but one can only guess that one goalie might have a tiny advantage over the other when battling for that 2nd spot to complete the duo .

Most of the walk on/listed players for the Blades (Tyler Yaworski,Darren Dietz,Woody Klassen,and Tyler Matheson) have really impressed me,they have each brought a different skill/element to the Blades that helps the team. I wish that the Blades could keep most if not all of those guys but the reality is that it probably is not going to happen based on numbers..... The good thing is that I am sure that these guys are now protected by the Blades and can have another shot at the target next training camp.

Oh and by the way the final score of the game was Tigers 4-Blades 1 which now weakens the Blades preseason record to 2-1.
One thing that I noticed on the Medicine Hat roster for the game was that it said they have a 95 born player on their roster....I said to my friend beside me "That can not be right" It probably was not correct but that is the first time that I have seen something like that.
Next up for the Blades is yet another contest between their rivals from the north....yes those same Prince Albert Raiders (Well probably not the SAME PA Raiders as last time but you know.......) See you at the friendly Credit Union Centre on Friday Sept 11th.

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