Monday, September 21, 2009

Blades Imports Returned.....

Today both Jyri Niemi and Milan Kytnar were returned to the Blades from NHL camps, Neimi attended New York Islanders camp here in Saskatoon,and Kytnar attended Edmonton Oilers camp in Edmonton.

Now the descision for Molleken is to trade one of the three because WHL teams are only allowed to carry 2 non Canadian/American players.
The Blades now have Kytnar,Niemi and rookie Hampus Gustafsson.
Interesting situation because there are teams out there that still do not have any imports like Swift Current for example but I can not really see the Blades pulling the trigger on a deal there,another possibility is Calgary who only has one import.

We shall see which one gets moved and where!!!!

I have an idea of who would go but my ideal trade would see 2 players being moved.


  1. Interesting that I've never seen your blog before because it's looking rather informative. I was thinking in the past that if indeed the Blades had 4 overages and the 3 possible euro's, that it sure would be nice for my Broncos to make a move to acquire one of them. It's always tougher to make moves within your own division but MJ and Pats made a move last year...we are talking Chad Lang from last year as well though.

  2. Thanks yeah It is the only blog that I have found that talks about the Blades...