Monday, September 7, 2009

Blades Reassign 3 more.....

The Blades roster is now just down to 29 players,Darren Dietz was returned to his Alberta Midget team...(get ready for it) the Medicine Hat Big Country Energy Tigers.

Gregory Kost of the Saskatoon Midget AAA's Saskatoon Blazers was also returned.

We all knew this one was coming sooner or later....Ryan Olsen has been returned to the Greater Vancouver Canadians of the B.C Major Midget League. The Blades roster now consists of 16 forwards 10 Defencemen and 3 goalies. 10 of those players are away at NHL camps.

I have seen 3 of the 4 preseason games so far(will soon be 4 out of 5 after friday) but If I had to pick a roster I probably could.

Now I could include Sam Klassen but without him it would be a young backend. I would pick 7 defencemen and 15 forwards(there may be more or less than this I know.) I would probably take Sharkey over Krahn (but hey that is just me) and who am I? LOL Another tough descision if Kytnar comes back but that could be a rare senario but if by chance he does than that means that one of the other two Imports must go so I would rather see Kytnar make the jump to the AHL and give the spot to Hampus Gustafsson.

There may be another update before friday but maybe not.

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