Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sam Klassen is a Blade again.???..........

Apparently today the Rangers sent the 20 year old rearguard back to the Blades..... I honestly did not think that was going to happen.... I guess the Rangers have enough depth in their system and decided that one more year in the WHL would further benefit Sam Klassen.

Now the Blades have 4 overage players,they were down to the limit of 3 until this unexpected move happened. The Blades must make 2 moves now to get down to the league limit of 3 overage players and 2 imports. Now the question is who is on the way out once again? All 4 of these players can play in this league and still are important pieces to the Blades success.

The Blades also have a crowded blueline now.... 10 defencemen.... I think most of the guys are safe but maybe Tyler Kizuik will be reassigned/traded,maybe Sam's brother Woody is reassigned? Maybe Sam himself is traded? (I do not think that will really happen) It should be an interesting next couple of days....stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!!

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