Saturday, January 16, 2010

Blades Tripped up by Tigers.

The game tonight was another close game and I mean REALLY CLOSE. The Tigers drew first blood,happily there was no other blood except maybe some bad blood or just competitivness haha.

Stanford is the hot goalie right now and the Blades are playing him until he needs a rest or cools down.

The two teams picked up the physicality in this game and that was good to see.

Sena Acolatse dropped the mitts with Cole Grbavac and Acolatse did land some punches but I thought he did not convincingly beat his opponent: Draw is the verdict. Grbvac received a 10 minute misconduct for no tie down ( or according to a Tigers blog called Tiger Turf) a penalty for pulling his arm out of his jersey.

While we are on the subject of fighting..... Curt Gogol yes we know he likes to fight and yes the Blades have many fighters but the 2 newest fighters can play defence and that is a position that the Blades may be thin on. Gogol hurt his hand in the game the other night and was a scratch tonight..... My question is why is McNaught not fighting as frequently as he used too? I think that it really showed on the defensive end and the inexperience that the younger guys unfortunately have and an example of this was when the puck was in the Blades zone and a forward (maybe 2) was in the corner battling and then Dalton Thrower started to go into the corner and someone from the bench yelled for him to get out of the corner and get back in front of the net. They are good players but they need more experience and that will come with age, practice and positive influence.

The Blades at times had trouble controlling the speed and quick play of the Tigers and this is what hurt them in overtime.

Darian Dzuirznski was a hitting machine tonight as well as a point producer as he scored 1 goal for the Blades and was awarded the hit of the game and Walker Wintoneak(who scored a shorthanded goal) was named the hardest working player of the game.

The Tigers ended the game less than 30 seconds into the extra period when the Blades coughed up the puck and the Tigers took advantage and scored to ice the game. 3-2 was the score.

The attendance (Which I think was the highest of the season) was 5,936.

The 50/50 jackpot was a whopping 8 Thousand and some..... No I did not win either.

Hopefully it was a Blades fan who won the pot haha but there were a fair number of Tiger faithful in the CUC tonight.

One can also throw into picture that the Blades played 4 games in 5 nights.....BUT that is not an excuse at all.

The Blades receive a 6 day break from game action as they do not play again until Friday the 22nd against Kootenay Ice (who are on a tear as of late) and Saturday against the what I will say LOADED Brandon Wheat Kings.

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