Tuesday, January 5, 2010

HEARTBREAK...Congrats USA..... Sweden Wins Bronze. Blades Beat Spokane....

This game was possibly the best hockey game I have seen live. The game was even pretty much scored goal for goal,no two goal leads until the USA went up 5-3. Canada did not stop when they were down though and once they scored that goal to pull them within one of tying the game it seemed to give Canada the momentum they needed to tie the game. Team USA played a great game and was not shaken by all of the razzing done by the fans.

In my opinion Jake Allen did not play that great,he was decent at best. Team USA is full of talent and unfortunately only one by the name of Jerry Di'Amigo is a Leafs prospect. Nazem Kadri should be solid when ever he makes the jump to the NHL.

Canada lost 6-5 in Overtime.

A silver medal is still ok but I know everyone wanted a 6th straight Gold.

In the Bronze medal game Sweden blew Switzerland out of the water and won in convincing fashion 10-4.

I just checked the score of the Blades/Cheifs game and the Blades won 5-4 which gives them a 5-0 record so they swept the US division!!!!!! Have they even done that before? 1 game to go in Cranbrook before playing a home game at the CUC (a place that was my 2nd home for the past 2 weeks. I am looking forward to my having my regular seat back though.

I took way more pictures than this but here are 4 pictures for now.

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