Saturday, January 23, 2010

Where Did They Go??? Blades go 0-2 this weekend.

Everyone was probably hoping for 2 things in this game..... Better officiating and a Blades win. They did get one of those.

The Blades could have won this game but again they faced a team that is hot.

The Blades scored 2 goals and the Wheaties scored 5 enough said. The Blades pulled their goalie late in the game for the 2nd straight game and did not tie either of the games.

Randy McNaught dropped the gloves...yes he did with Jordan Hale another big boy. This was an entertaining fight and a really close one.

The Hardest Working Player of the game was Walker Wintoneak and the Hit of the Game was thrown by the Captain Derek Hulak.

On a side not PA defeated the Kootenay Ice snapping their 14 game winning streak.

The bridge city bunch has two home games next week I think they fall on a wednesday and friday. Hope for better results next week.

Oh wow I almost forgot to mention.....I didnt want to say this but it did happen unfortunatly Curtis Hamilton broke his collarbone in last nights game against the Ice but in a different spot!!!!! ahhhhhhhh You have to feel for him because he missed out on the Top Prospects Game and now he returns for 1 game and it is broken again. SO he most likely misses the rest of the season. All this because of what I think is a STUPID SERIES Canada VS Russia (only because of this exact situation) A player becomes injured and ok so I am bitter..... Deal with it.

Ok so I am really dissappointed that Curtis Hamilton is injured again and did not have a real chance to show scouts what he can do....sure there are most likely scouts at every game that the Blades play but IMO to miss the Top Prospects Game is HUGE!!!!!!!

I do not know where this will put him in the rankings ect ect.

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