Monday, May 11, 2009

The Kelowna Rockets to Represent the WHL at the Memorial Cup.

I was not too happy that the Rockets took out the Giants,and I was hoping that Calgary would have somehow found a way to beat them. That was not the case though. I think the Rockets kind of surprised some people (even me) when they developed a 3-0 series lead over the Hitmen. Nothing can be done about that now. I will cheer for the Rockets in the Memorial cup and if I did not that would be just silly. I really hope that the Rockets can carry that momentum into the Memorial Cup. Now the only 2 people (that I can see) who have some ties to Saskatchewan are the Assistant Coach(and former Rocket) Ryan Cuthbert and also Regan Bartel the Kelowna Rockets Play by Play Broadcaster. I am sure he is thrilled with the way the Playoffs have unfolded.

The Rockets have booked a well deserved trip to the Memorial Cup. Go Rockets!!!!

Another thought, now that we know who the Western Hockey League Champs are for this season. Two former Rockets Colin Joe and Milan Kytnar were Kelowna Rockets until an off-season trade last summer brought them both to the bridge city. I am sure now they both wish that they were never traded but how did they know that the team that they were traded from would represent the WHL in the Memorial Cup?

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