Friday, May 15, 2009

Kelowna's 1st game....

I have this one taped so I can watch it tomorrow at about 8:30 ish after I get home from work. I may want to watch the Drummondville VS Windsor game but I have a feeling that I will miss some maybe all of it. I see that the Rockets won the game 4-1 and once I watch the game I will leave my thoughts until then. It is obviously good to see them win their opening game.

I was in Cole's book store today and right away I rushed to where the sports books were and found two hockey books: The Kid,a book written about Sidney Crosby and his 1st season in the NHL, and the other one is called Travels with Stanley,so I bought them and have not been able to read them yet but I will. They look like good books. If you do not already own these books may I suggest that you go to your local book store and buy these books.

Ok something that is old news:The Calgary Flames AHL Affiliate relocate to Abbotsford BC. I know that plenty of WHL GM's are not too pleased with this because of the supposed agreement that the WHL and AHL have and that is that the WHL will not put a team where the AHL already has a team and vice versa. A good example of this is Winnipeg Manitoba,the AHL has the Moose there but the AHL just put a team in the B.C area that will have conflict with the WHL and fan bases of WHL teams in the area. So what if The WHL was to put a team in say Winnipeg(This probably would not happen because there is a WHL team already in Brandon) but just to give the AHL a taste of their own medicine!!! I mean that is just rediculous because I am sure that there is somewhere else out there that the Flames affiliate could have relocated to a city that will have no issues.

This May long weekend of mine will be spent working,but too all who read this blog have a good long weekend.

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