Friday, May 8, 2009

My thoughts on the 08-09 season

So the Saskatoon Blades season and playoffs are over. I will now share my thoughts on both the season and playoffs.

The Blades had a record of 49-18 which made them a 103 point team in the regular season. I will also throw in there that they had the best road record in the WHL with a record of 28-6 which gave them 58pts on the road and on home ice they were 21-12 which gave them 45 points. They won their 1st Division banner since 1994. In my opinion that is a very successful season no matter which way you slice it.

In the playoffs the 2 seed Blades played the 7 seed Lethbridge Hurricanes and let me tell you one thing... this series was not your typical 2 vs 7 first round playoff match up, it was a much closer series and it took 7 games to decide who the winner was and yes the more experienced Hurricanes prevailed on the road in game 7. (but they were swept in the the very next round by the Calgary Hitmen.) Another note about the Hurricanes... they are looking for a new head coach as Michael Dyck's contract is not going to be extended. That is 3 head coaching positions that I can think of now that are vacant:Regina,Chilliwack and Lethbrdge. The Hurricanes are also looking for a GM as well now because Roy Stasiuk has been released. I hope that with a new Head Coach and GM that things can stay on track for the Canes.

Another thing I would like to talk about is the trade deadline,and I know the Blades tried to bolster there roster with the tools that could have taken them further in the playoffs but no trades were made that added players to the roster. Which was a surprise to me because in previous years Lorne Molleken has not really been quiet on trade deadline days. I really think that the Blades should have added another offensive weapon but during the season the Blades had a very balanced scoring attack,so I would think that Blades would not want to mess anything up.

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