Wednesday, May 13, 2009

NHL Playoff Chatter

I am disappointed that there are no Canadian teams left....I thought that the Nucks could beat the Blackhawks but Chicago's youthful team that is loaded with CHL players (including Kyle Beach) proved to be the better team in the 7th game. 2 others series have been pushed to the limit, Carolina VS Boston and Detroit VS Anahiem. I hope that the Ducks eliminate the Wings. I would like to see another team besides the Wings closer to the Stanley Cup because I think that they have way to much success and no doubt they are a GREAT team but I would just like to see other teams that have not had a chance to experience a Stanley Cup win. In the Pens VS Caps series I was hoping that Washington could have pulled through because I like watching Ovechkin,and the fact that they have many former WHL players in their system including former Blades Mike Green and Braden Holtby is another reason why I like the Caps. I think I will still cheer for the Pens though as long as the Wings are defeated this round or next!!!!!

When it comes to the NHL and when the Leafs are not playing I always root for the team with the most former WHL'ers or if they have super skilled players like Crosby or Ovechkin. Now even a team like Chicago is fun to watch.

Now to talk about the Leafs and Luke Schenn.... The Kelowna Rockets had Schenn on the team last season, yes he made the NHL as a 19 year old and could have returned for another 2 seasons of junior hockey but the Leafs decided that he was good enough to play in "THE SHOW" with the pro's. Now think of what his hockey resume would have looked like if he remained a Rocket for at least this past WHL season. That would have been one very impressive hockey resume but I thought that it was a situation similar to that of Colton Gillies with some differences of course. I hope that the Leafs (who currently own the 7th overall pick in the NHL draft) select Brayden Schenn for the obvious reason that Luke plays on the team and too see them play on the same team would be awesome. The other reason being that Brayden Schenn is a good hockey player.

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