Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Some Thoughts From Today

With the all of the positive hype that is here in Saskatchewan surrounding the 2010 World Junior Hockey Championships, the possibility of some Blades players playing in the tournament & also players from Saskatoon or even Saskatchewan (yes I have tickets for this event already!!!!!) it started to make me think about some things that are sort of old news .

Yes they are adding more seats to the Credit Union Centre, which is a good idea for other popular events and if the Blades COULD continuously generate decent crowds then it would create a better atmosphere at hockey games but I also think it would be fun to see Blades games in a sold out arena but sadly these days that is a rare sight because of the size of the Credit Union Centre.

The Blades last season were in first place in the East Division all season long if my memory serves to be correct. The crowds would be ok at best and yes a number of "excuses" will come up...The games start at 7:05,the areana is on the way out of the city and the ticket prices are kind of high......the list goes on. I think if you enjoy watching junior hockey enough(LIKE ME) you should ignore the excuses and come out to support the Blades and just be thankful that Saskatoon has a WHL franchise.

Ok my rant is done. I am very excited about next season and I wish that I could get out and see the Blades Spring Camp on May 22th-24th @ the Schroh Arena. Maybe I still can. I am excited to be a hockey fan because with the 2010 WJR's coming up and the possibility of another strong Blades season are good reasons to be a die hard hockey fan but if you are just a casual fan that is ok too.

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