Thursday, May 14, 2009

NHL Playoffs Round 3 and other Random Thoughts

So those dreaded Wings were victorious over the Ducks and the Hurricanes defeated the Bruins,so the Conference Final match-up shakes down like this: Chicago plays Detroit,and Carolina faces off against Sidney Crosby and his crew. My dream Stanley Cup match-up would be to see Pittsburgh and Chicago. I sure hope it happens but we shall be patient and enjoy the hockey that will be seen across the globe. Ok now that NHL news is out of the way.

Lets talk about Team Canada I like the choice of Willie Desjardins for head coach because he puts together a very good team in Medicine Hat every year and I think that it should translate into continuing success for the red and white (Yes I mean Team Canada and not the Red Wings haha) I hope that a fair amount of star players from all over are allowed to play in the tournament simply because it is being held in my own backyard. (well not really but close enough to it) I think it would have been fitting to name Lorne Molleken the head coach and maybe he was a candidate? I do not know. Just like the All-Star game in Montreal with the amount of home team players that were picked by the fans...

Now let's take a step back sorta but on the subject of All Star games and something that I have wondered about but I am pretty sure that the OHL for sure does an All-star Game with a skills competition. The QMJHL may do it as well but I do not think that the WHL has not recently done it. Instead I think they put in the WHL VS Russia Superseries and that is fine but not all the time does Russia send their best players and if they do not do this then, I think that they should scrap the whole idea (who likes watching what are mostly 1 sided hockey games? NOT ME.) and substitute the CAN vs RUS superseries for a WHL All-star competition just like they do with the CHL Top Prospects game.

The Memorial Cup starts tomorrow and if you check out Regan Bartel's blog(the Link can be found in my blog list on the left) He does a FANTASTIC job with pictures as do all of the WHL broadcasters who blog. Sadly I will be forced to work this weekend when the games are going on but I am taping the Rockets games (if I get some help with that haha) but I have a couple of days off during the week so I should be able to watch some games then.

One last thing before I call it a night. The month is May,we are halfway through it and there was snow on the ground!!!!! Well this is Saskatchewan after all. I think my mom told me once that there was snow on the ground in June when I was just a little troublemaker back in the day.

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