Monday, May 18, 2009

Rockets still undefeated........

Yes the Kelowna Rockets beat the Voligeurs from Drummondville by a score of 6-4, Dallas Stars prospect Jamie Benn had a 5 point night and he almost had 6 points but was denied by the goal post with about 3 seconds left in the game. So now the Rockets are headed for an automatic trip to Sundays final. They do play the winless Windsor Spitfires on Tuesday night and if the Spitfires do not win this game that means that they will not have a chance to play Kelowna in the final. It was good to see a fair amount of Rocket fans at the games in Rimouski.

I hope to attend a Memorial Cup one day and it would be even better if the Blades were playing in it,not particularly as the host but as WHL Champions...the wait drags on haha. Anyways I enjoyed watching this close match-up and the Rockets continue to succeed. One more thing if Tyler Myers is not in the NHL next year I will be surprised but the Rockets would reep the benifits of his return it all matters if Buffalo wants to let him to test out the NHL for a couple games (which probably will happen) Will we see the Rockets still remain undefeated? Well watch the game on Tuesday and find out.

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