Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Blades Fall to Eberle and the Pats......

The Regina Pats have had the Blades' number as of late...shutting out the bridge city bunch 3-0 in a previous match up and this game... Lets say the Blades had their glimpses of offence but were dare I say: Outmatched? by the Pats.

Jordan Eberle pretty much controlled the game....every time he touched the puck something positive happened.

The game was a close game though. The Blades just had trouble taking advantage of powerplay chances.

Adam Morrison played a good game tonight.

Again Lukas Sutter impressed me tonight. I think he will make the team as a 16 year old rookie next season. He is also good on faceoffs. Not afraid to mix it up me he does not look like a 15 year old,but maybe a 1 year veteran of the WHL in the way he plays,his hockey sense is decent and I think the Blades found a good one in him!!!!!!

Stefan Elliott: WOW was he ever on his game tonight!!!! He was awarded 2nd star and Hardest Working Player. He also notched a goal and an assist tonight. I hope he comes back to the Blades next year because the way he is progressing right now and if he had a good camp next fall in Colorado. He could possibly be a 6th or 7th defencemen their..... I still think he will be in a Blades uniform next season but I am just tossing that out there.

Darian Dzuirzynski was awarded the Hit of the Game. Which is no surprise cause he loves to dish out hits.

There was a fight or something close too it, but Josh Nicholls was not really a willing participant because he was just ducking and trying to avoid getting punched. Carter Ashton was the agresser in this battle.

The Blades lost this game 3-2 but gave it their all....

Regina has played well at the CUC this season and even though the Pats are only playing for pride they did a damn fine job!!!!

2 games left for the Blades a home and home against the Raiders this weekend.

I also picked up my playoff tickets tonight and signed up for the booster club 1st round playoff road trip....where that still has not been determined yet... I am hoping for Red Deer or Moose Jaw.

I can not wait to watch the Blades on the road again!!!!!!!!!

I watched the 3rd period with a buddy who I play soccer with and he is an Oilers fan so he was their to see Eberle and he left happy but he still was cheering for the Blades too. haha.

(I still can not believe that the Oilers and Flames made a trade) It is a crazy world I tell you.

A 2nd straight East Division Bannner looks less and less posible with Brandon beating Moose Jaw 8-2 tonight.

That is all for now. I'm out!!!!!!!

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