Friday, March 12, 2010

Playoffs... YEAH!!!!!!!!

The Blades only have 2 games left to finish out the regular season against PA.

It is not 100% clear as too who the Blades will play but it is looking like Red Deer.

Just wait until it becomes official.

I am excited that I am going to Red Deer!!!!! (Assuming the games are on the 23rd and 24th) if not then I have to do some more scrambling with work haha.

The Blades are a thin unit right now with 3 players still injured...Zahn,Hamilton,Niemi. Gogol has 2 games left on his suspension.

BRING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IT' S PLAYOFF TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me just say this: I LOVE ROADTRIPS!!!!!!

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