Friday, November 27, 2009

Blades win a war of a game..... Rink Atmosphere Improving......

Steven Stanford and Brandon Anderson were the goalies for tonight's game.

There was a fight that broke out in the 1st period. Travis Toomey dropped the gloves with Derek Ryckman,it was a pretty entertaining fight as both players landed some punches.

The Blades started the game a bit slow allowing the visiting Hurricanes to go up 2-0. The first goal for the Hurricanes happened on a questionable power play.... Here is how I saw things.
There was a battle in front of the Blades net and it looked as if a Hurricane player knocked over the Blades goaltender.... but the referee called a penalty on the Blades!!!! That goal put the Hurricanes up 1-0.
The second goal believe it or not was scored while the Hurricanes were shorthanded in the second period
Charles Inglis took a hit or high stick in the face and he threw down his stick,gloves,helmet and skated to the bench...he was in obvious pain..... For us Saskatoon Blades facebook insiders (A.K.A Poke Check's friend) there is a picture of how bad Charles Inglis's face looked even after it was all stitched up..... THIS GUY IS A TANK!!!!!! It took him awhile to get stitched up but he did return with a full cage on his helmet and he will probably leave the cage on for a while longer I am thinking. It was a good thing that he did come back because he was utilized in the shootout.... uh oh semi spoiler haha.
Back to the game,it looked as if the Blades were not in focus and really did not look like the team that they can be..... BUT fear no longer as Jeremy Boyer and Walker Wintoneak aided in tying up the hockey game.
In the 2nd period Dustin Donaghy and Randy "Moustache Grower" McNaught decided that the time was right for a fight. This fight was a close one, each of them getting some shots in but it looked like near the end of the bout Dustin Donaghy connected with a few that would make him the winner in my view..... Wheather you think he won or not.... he sure did one thing "stand in there and gave McNaught a run for his money"
The Hurricanes had a 4 minute power play as well as a separate late game power play but the Blades shut down their special teams.
In the O.T each team had an equal number of chances I would have to say and the Blades probably could have put the game away in the extra period if they would have just shot the puck on net... I know that you want to set something more organized up but sometimes if you shoot the puck on goal you never now what might happen & it is a good thing if the goalie freezes the puck.
The shots were 34 for the Blades and 25 for the Hurricanes.
The hardest working player was Stefan Elliott (if he plays tomorrow night against the Calgary Hitmen it will be 3 games in as many nights for him.)
Either they did not have a Hit of the game or they announced it and I missed who it was.
The Hurricanes choose: Mitch Maxwell,Cam Braes,Luca Sbisa,Carter Ashton,Carter Bancks... Only the 2nd shooter scored.
The Blades send out Gallimore,Boyer,Inglis,Niemi,Hulak....shooters 3 & 5 scored and as you read the Captain won the game.
3-2 Blades over the Hurricanes.
The 3 stars of the game were: #1. Stefan Elliott. #2. Brandon Anderson #3. Derek Hulak.
The new score clock with a MUCH CLEARER and bigger picture was a welcomed addition to Blades game nights!!!!! As well as the LED video screens at each end of the rink...... In the shoot out, as the Blades player was announced it showed the players eyes before their name and number.... VERY COOL!!!!!!!! A++ for the new additions to the CUC.
Tonight's victory gives the Blades 20 wins on the season.....Time for me to hit the hay and gear up for another game tomorrow night!!!!!!!!!

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